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Clash of Clans YouTube Advertising Success Strategy

Clash of Clans

The king of online video games that has been blasting the record of the world gaming history is any guesses? Yes, absolutely the “Clash of Clans”.
Clash of Clans is the only game which is being the long-time target for the game lovers. It has been being developed by Supercell by considering the mobile players.

All the users of Android and iOS are being enjoyed by playing this game. By picking the unbeatable demand for this game in the public, they had launched some video campaigns on YouTube.

This blown the ad-revenue of the YouTube that never happened before and the clash of clans is in the top position on YouTube. What could be the part of it?

Clash of Clans: Revenge (Super Bowl TV Commercial): (Top Most Viewed)

This is the top most viewed video ad in the account of “Clash of Clans” in which the opponent has been plundered Liam’s village and defeated him.

Then the word ‘Revenge’ has fallen from the words of Liam which is going to be taken against the opponent with his troop. This ultimate commercial video of ‘clash of clans’ has got 163,748, 529+ views since it published on 2015. Awe! It’s really unimaginable.

Clash of Clans: Balloon Parade (Highest Views on YouTube in short span)

The record-breaking ad in May 2017 in the biography of YouTube is “Balloon Parade” of ‘clash of clans’. This is the most fun generating ad ever in which the Hog Rider is most excited by watching the parade of balloons and expressed his love on balloons by singing a song.

Then the Archer says it’s an air attack. The expressions of Hog Rider are hilarious in this video. This video got 35,146,207+ views just for one month which blocks the mind of other YouTubers.

Clash of Clans: Welcome To The Builder Base (New Update!)

This is the new update from the army hub of “Clash of Clans” and the added feature of the running game is that each player will be provided with a ‘broken boat’ and they can repair that and sail to another new village where they create another builder base.

This is quite different from the present one containing varied army appearance. It gives more fun while playing both games on the same stream. This is the recent upload of “Clash of Clans” which has extremely 7,985,935+ views.


This is the number one game that no one can hit and this has become the celebrity of mobile games. With the entry of this game the remaining games have been buried with no life again. If you are not playing this game just download it and start playing.

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