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ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy

Chu Chu tv

Every parent of having kids might hear the kid’s favorite channel ChuChu TV and all must know about the success strategy of ChuChu TV YouTube channel. ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy is explained here.

ChuChu TV is one of the world’s most famous Channels on YouTube platform which based on the Child category. It is the most renowned Video site for Young children in the world. It is the best kid entertainment channel on the web. This channel used to offer various collections of animated rhymes for the nursery kids in an attractive and colorful animated picture in the video.

The Channel had received the Gold play button honor from the YouTube. The channel was notified with more than one billion viewers per month and surprised everyone on YouTube platform.

An app was also released with name “My ChuChu coloring book” which is the first app that ranks top on YouTube with over one million subscribers and one billion views on Chuchu TV studios on YouTube platform.

Even the myChuchu puzzles will not take expenses from the user and offer free of cost on the iPad and iPad Mini application which specially designed for the kids. The app covered the puzzles which designed attractively and colorfully. There also featured with the various shapes and characters with 15 interesting levels and various unique objects for the kids to identify.

The puzzles are not only entertainment for kids but also they are educational and improved their skills and memory power from the childhood stage. They can practice the various visual-spatial skills and recognition skills ns builds good vocabulary from the kid level. They also can achieve good pronunciation.


ChuChu TV is one of the popular kids YouTube channels. This TV offers kids the best rhymes, songs, musical rhymes and fun activities. So check the small description of ChuChu TV for your information. ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy can give you a better understanding of what you need to have.



  1. Brenda E Booth

    December 25, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    I do not approve of my 2 yr old grandson watching your videos 9ver and over. I have noticed a mesmerizing rhythm to the characters speech patterns and voices. How can I block your channel for good?

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