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Top 10 Chromecast Apps for Android

Chromecast App

The most popular streaming device of today is undoubtedly the Chromecast. Using Chromecast, we can connect TV to other devices and also the Android phone. Let us now check the best apps of Chromecast for Android.

BubbleUpnP App

BubbleUpnP App is compatible with Roku, Chromecast and many others. Streaming movies, music television shows are possible. There is cloud support.


Crunchyroll is for those who want to pick up for Xbox One, Roku etc. This android app also supports Chromecast. Free viewing includes lots of ads. Take the official subscription to avoid these ads.

Google Home

Google Home is the app you will require to set up Chromecast. Google Home is also useful to find the apps and content of Chromecast. Phone screen can be cast to the television using Google Home.

Google Play Music app

Google Play Music app can cast locally streamed music to Chromecast. Upload more than fifty thousand songs to the servers of Google Play Music and stream them to your Chromecast.


Hulu is the best movie and streaming service for Chromecast. It has a big television shows and movies library. There are also older movies. Limited commercial and no commercial subscription plans are available.


iHeartRadio is another streaming service for Chromecast. iHeartRadio is the app to stream random music and is the best option for music lovers.


Localcast works with Chromecast to cast locally stored media including movies, music, television shows etc. there is also cloud storage support.


Netflix is very popular app for Chromecast. This popular app can try for free before taking the subscription.


Pandora is a popular app for many years for Chromecast. This simple app can be used for on-demand streaming of music also with the premium subscription.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts supports Chromecast, and its features include syncing support, playlists,auto-downloading etc.

Chromecast comes for a cheap price and so is universally popular. This small device s is also elementary to use with anything including the Android phones. Try the above Android apps for Chromecast.

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