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Challenges Facing the News Industry Right Now using Live Video

Live Video

The news industry is an important element of mass media focusing on delivering news to the audience.The audience can be the general public or targeted public.The important channels in this industry include print (newspapers), electronic (TV channels).It is a proved fact that both print & electronic media have been able to cater to the requirements of their audience by delivering the news.Each of the channels in both these media is able to prove their niche and harness their audience. Everything about the live video can be found here.

The latest trend that is doing rounds is live video. Many social media platforms are offering this video streaming and that is a real oppurtunity to cater new audiance.

While the earlier media – print & electronic – provided the recorded (not live) news, it enables the viewers to get the instant information on various incidents from anywhere in the world.

Platforms like Facebook,YouTube and Periscope started offering live video streaming facility.The user can use his camera to record and broadcast live incidents through this channel and followers can view, comment & share the same.There are various modalities offered by the channels offering live video streaming. Some of the videos are never repeated while some of the content is enabled for the store and future review as well.

In view of the live video streaming, the news industry is pushed to a defensive position.  Some of the proved facts that can be adopted by the news industry are as follows:

• Improve the use of data in newsrooms.

• Investing more in the online news video.

• Deepening online engagement.

• Increase online revenues.

What changes can be expected in the news industry as a remedy to live to stream?

• Mergers & acquisitions.

• Providing more incentives for start-up companies.

The news industry needs to be all the more careful and practical to counter the challenges posed by live video streaming.

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