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10 Best Camtasia Studio Alternatives

10 Best Camtasia Studio Alternatives

Camtasia studio is a screen and video recording tool. It allows recording of all types of videos that played on the screen of your computer. Even the games you are playing can record. This program uses the screen recording as videos. It also offers a lot of features and editing tools. However, the price tag is steep and may not suit people with tight budgets.

Here are the alternatives for Camtasia Studio

  1. EzVid also allows recording the screen. You can also upload the video to YouTube. This is available for Windows.
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  3. Open Broadcaster Software is a video streaming recording platform using which it is possible to record the games, webcam, and full screen.
  4. 12

  5. FFsplit also offers many useful features and high-quality videos can be recorded using this. This software can be downloaded for free.
  6. 13

  7. Fraps allow creating high-quality screenshots and videos. The recordings are saved automatically.
  8. 14

  9. Evolve allows recording the games, screen captures and the recordings can be shared on social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  10. 15

  11. Jing is software ideal for those who are working on small projects. The recording time allowed is only five minutes. The recording from the computer can be saved on your desktop or can be published on the web.
  12. 16

  13. D3DGear is a video gaming recording software. Video games can be recorded in HD.
  14. 17

  15. Kazam is open source software that allows capturing the images on screen and creates a video. The videos can be uploaded to YouTube also.
  16. 18

  17. Flash Media Live Encoder also allows capturing high-quality video and audio. Live events can be broadcast with this software.
  18. 19

  19. PicPick is another video and screen capture tool and is very easy to use.
  20. 20

Though the above alternatives to Camtasia studio may not offer all the features that Camtasia offers but will serve those who want a simple video creation tool.

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