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How to Build YouTube Channel Fans with New Social Community Feature

YouTube Channel Fans

YouTube has been able to retain its supremacy in terms of viewership. The 2nd largest search engine offering video information on the varied subject (from the world’s largest search engine Google) has been lagging in just one way. To overcome this limitation, YouTube ventured to add ‘social community’ feature to its platform.

YouTube’s beta trial version is presently running. The addition of social community feature is done by adding one more tab for channels.This simple addition has made a great change in the interaction between the publisher and viewer (of content).This step (from YouTube) is mainly seen as a fight to competition like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

How this social community feature is going to benefit the creators is that the creators will be empowered to build a mini social network (connected to their channels) and there will be a continuous interaction (between the viewers and the creator).It is also beneficial to the viewers with its ‘notification system’ indicating about the latest updates of the content in the channels for which they subscribed for.

This attempt of YouTube to bring creators and subscribers together in one place (though in its trial version) has already started receiving many favourable comments and the channel is quite excited about the same.

Now the question is how the marketers can enhance their YouTube Channel viewership using this new addition (of social community feature).The creators can make use of the feature to ensure that the targeted audience, who want to receive relevant notification regarding updations of their subscribed channels, receive the needed, updated and curated content. The marketers/creators can post a stream of text, photos, GIFs. To enhance the popularity, this facility is also being offered on YouTube mobile app as well. Besides offering the wonderful platform, YouTube is also taking necessary precautions to ensure that there is the least misuse of the technology.

YouTube’s community will only allow creators to post items on their pages and users can comment only on those posts.Users can’t comment on each other’s comments (which is presently happening on many platforms), and also the comments are subject to moderation.The community is also an added advantage to the creators as they are required just to comment and provide an update (there is no need for fresh posting of content).

Despite all the advantages of the community, the marketer has to ensure that his content is accurate, updated and curated as per the requirements of his targeted audience.This will ensure that the marketing strategy is a grand success.

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