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10 Creative Ways Brands are Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Digital marketing for any marketers is for building community and making the brand a part of the life of the audience. Instagram has millions of monthly users, and millions of photos and videos uploaded daily. The Instagram stories allow uploading photos, videos, editing them, send a direct message, etc. Here are Creative Ways Brands are Using Instagram Stories.

1. Instagram stories are really about being transparent. This can be achieved by posting behind the scenes videos using Instagram stories. This creates a deeper connection between the brand and the audience.

2. Show them the persons behind your brand or show them how the products are made.

3. Show the audience a day in your office.

4. Instagram stories can be used to make the audience a part of the video marketing strategy. Ask the followers to like or share the posts.

5. Ask the followers what they want to see from you.

6. Use Instagram stories to post questions and answers. Offer limited discount using Instagram stories. Tell your followers that the discount will be exclusively available for them for only twenty-four days. Featuring the story in the brand feeds to ensure that number of followers will see it.

7. Let your followers know about the Q and A by posting a video or photo informing them.

8. People love to know tips and tricks from brands.

9. Use Instagram stories to tell the audience why your brand is special and tell them how using the product will solve their problems.

10. Step by step instructions for doing something can be posted.

The above are the simple ideas on how to use Instagram Stories. There would be other creative ways that can be included in the Instagram stories marketing strategy.

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