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What is Brand Safety YouTube Advertising?

Brand Safety

Brand Safety in digital marketing is to ensure that the ad does not appear in a place where the brand image is not damaged. Online advertisers pay millions of dollars for but do not want their ad to appear next to inappropriate and offensive content. This can affect the reputation and sales of the brand.

On platforms like YouTube, advertisers have very little control over where their ads appear. With analytical capabilities improved, it is now the duty of ad network providers to give priority to brand safety for the advertisers.

The things that fall under brand safety umbrella are the comments posted on social media advertising, social sites of the brand and the content that appears next to digital ads of the brand.

Importance of Brand Safety Online

The consumers talk about a company, or a brand decides what the brand is. It is a challenge to secure the brand especially when information travels very fast on social media. Regarding programmatic advertising, it is essential to ensure that the ad does not appear next to content that could damage the reputation.

The ad should appear appealing to the consumers across all formats. The viewers should feel that it is safe to deal with the brand which is professional. This will not give control over the brand safety but will help to control what people say about the brand.

The reputation of a brand and consumer perception can change in a second on the internet and social media. A marketing campaign can negatively influence people across all the countries.

Avoiding implementing measures to ensure brand safety can increase the risk of the business being ruined. Internet Advertising Bureau listed content next to which the ad placement should avoid. The content categories include military conflict, death, obscenity, piracy, illegal drugs, hate speech, terrorism, arms, crime tobacco and others.

YouTube and Brand Safety Crisis

Big advertisers on YouTube realized how little control they have over their digital marketing. Brand safety is not just the ads showing up on YouTube next to improper content.

When brands realized that their ads are being shown next to hate speech and violent content, they started pulling out their ads and diverting their spend away to other platforms. It is difficult to get back the trust of brands, but YouTube promised to fix the problems.

YouTube revamped the policies after the brand safety issue. Now the channels will require ten thousand viewers to make money from ads. Each video is being viewed on YouTube for Google preferred channels.

YouTube channels will need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in one year time to be able to run ads. Both the new and existing channels should meet the requirements. These guidelines are going to affect the majority of channels. YouTube also introduced a three-tiered system to have transparency over where the ads are appearing.

How to improve brand safety in YouTube advertising?

Establishing brand safety in YouTube advertising is essential. There have been many issues over brand safety advertising on YouTube. Implementing right strategies safeguards the brands on YouTube. Some key components should be considered to ensure brand safety.

Preventing measures such as constructing negative keywords list etc. helps to combat brand safety issues with YouTube. An online YouTube ad can be protected from being associated with the content that has terrible keywords in the title, description or metadata. Make sure that the list is updated continuously.

Violence, terrorism and sexual content are the topics that should be placed in exclusion to make sure that the ads do not run on any videos relation to these topics. Other issues that brands want to exclude are religion, news, and politics which at times can host inappropriate content.

Unsavory channels also should be excluded. Update the blacklist list continuously for maximum effect. This is because millions of hours of content are uploaded to the most significant platform YouTube every day. Identify the placements that are safe to show the ad. AI can help in this. Other advanced tools also might be used to find reliable channels to run advertising campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and Brand Safety on YouTube

After the brand safety crisis, YouTube introduced new measures for brand safety. According to the world’s second largest platform, artificial intelligence system is more effective at removing content that violates the rules of YouTube.

Many numbers of extremism videos were removed from YouTube after it started testing the tools powered by artificial intelligence. Machine learning improves the accuracy of the YouTube systems, it is said.

Here is how the online advertising industry can use AI for solving the ad fraud issues. Brand agencies and publishers must find the right partners when they are investing in brand safety. Picking up the rig tools and testing them is also essential.

The artificial intelligence products are tailored to the needs of clients so that they work more effectively. Make sure to choose a popular programmatic platform. Try choosing premium inventory only. This ensures that the ads do not end up with unsafe content. Track where the ads are showing using real-time data.


Building brand safety is a must when advertising on online platforms such as YouTube. There is a lot of tools for publishers and markets to deal with the brand safety problems. Tackling the issue will benefit everyone who is dealing with digital advertising online.

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