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Boom 3D Live Streaming Platform for eSports

Boom 3D Live Streaming

Live streaming has become the most important factor in the today’s advertising ecosystem. Even the common users are love to stream online with the new cameras which have become the greatest buzz across the web. Live streaming was redefined with the new cameras with 360-degree video support, 4K technology and Virtual reality. These new devices have taken the live streaming to another level with technology and speed.

The new Boom TV came into the spotlight today in the name of world’s new 3D live streaming platform. yes, the 3d live streaming platform is the present trending concept across the web. The platform was announced its services to its users and raised 3.5$ million as funding. The platform supports the 3D live streaming for the eSports.

The Boom TV application supports the players gaming stream. The app is presently available as a beta version and the platform was building a new 3D experience its fans to experience the gameplay in a different way across the mobile devices as well as PC.

The app also allows the streamers to enable the replay instantly and also allows creating the clips which can be highlighted. There is also a social media sharing option, where the gamers can share their experience via social media the new virtual reality using the sharing option.

The gamers can also experience the live virtual reality gaming with the boom TV platform. The new VR gaming platform opened the doors to gaming virtual reality across the web. At present, the platform was included the largest gaming communities ad also supporting the eSports titles.

Therefore, the new 3D world is waiting for the gaming lovers to Boom TV platform which can redefine the 3D live stream gaming.

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