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Bing Video Search Features

Bing Video Search Features

Bing is one of the top search engines online. It gives the results for the relevant searches with big thumbnails and extra filters for the search now. Previously, Bing was not that much opted by the users because of lagging some good features in search results comparatively with Google.

Now, it was changed and connected with new features for the users to make fine search results with brand new features for its users.

Video Overlay and Navigation

The improved video overlay helps the users to get allowed for performing the multi-tasking operations. It has introduced a sidebar option with “related videos” in order to provide more relevant results for the user’s search.

Popout Hover Previews

Bing has made its new features for video search friendly as video watching has great demand and the majority of people were searching for the video content online on search engines.

The new feature on Bing allows you to check your searched video by popping out for the preview and then allows you to watch. It also provided more information on videos which was considered as a new control feature.

Search Filters

The search filters were also changed with new features like sorting the content basing on the date of the content, the length of the content and as well as the source of the content along with the resolution basis.

This helps the users to search their videos according to their content requirements with much ease and also get known about the more related information about the videos on Bing search.

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