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Best Times to upload a Video on YouTube [Study]

Today’s generation whatever thought’s come to their minds, they just shoot a video and publish on YouTube.Publishing video’s on YouTube not only the matter of getting a good result, but we should maintain some specific timings on weekdays or weekends. Somehow it depends on which day you have posted your video

The Best Timings to post YouTube videos on YouTube is in between 12 P.M to 3 P.M. You can publish these timings all weekdays and weekends it may be optional.

The rise of YouTube is nothing short of legendary. With a small company that hosted user-friendly videos, it has now risen to be the most sought-after platform for some of the biggest industry giants to advertise.

It has risen from being just a website to being a platform for start-ups to grow. It has become the single-most revered opportunity that budding people in business opt to utilise.

The length and breadth of this mammoth platform can seldom measure as millions of subscribers use it to learn new technologies, techniques, processes and strategies to upscale their business.

However, little is known as to how to optimise one’s reach on YouTube. Several companies that advertise on YouTube think that their products will themselves become popular given YouTube’s sophisticated strategies regarding gauging keywords thereby increasing the SEO ranking of that product.

But one may ask if that’s enough to increase the company’s viewing percentage. No. With more and more strategies emerging that are bound to benefit both the customer and the user, one needs to always be on the lookout for the latest trends in YouTube marketing.

Sometimes, the moment we are about to launch a massive ad campaign, it might just end up clashing with a campaign from another giant service provider whose hype can easily overtake us.

to avoid such clashes, it is best when we choose the right times to market our product. Finding the timing can be as crucial as the product itself. Honing these time strategies is what makes a successful marketing strategy.

When it comes to the timing, it is best suited to advertise when viewers are relatively free from the daily chores or when they sit watching television. It also serves to understand or survey when the human mind is free to concentrate on something other than pressing matters.

A recent study showed that weekends are best suited to advertise as they are targeted towards peak viewing hours of potential customers. Finding the right time and the right mix of strategy is imperative, and it only takes practice to come up with the perfect approach.


As per my knowledge, we have researched and described, what are the best timings to publish a video in YouTube channels. Some people may be busy with those timings we have listed, but as per survey most of the people get to engage with the YouTube.

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