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Best Practices for Vertical Video Advertising

Vertical Video Advertising

Vertical videos are the videos shot in portrait mode with a mobile phone. The perspective of marketers and publishers is changing. Vertical videos were once considered amateurish, and many hated them. Vertical videos because of the growing habit of consuming content on mobile phones. The great videos are now being considered seriously with the introduction of apps such as Snapchat, Meerkat and Periscope. The ads that are shot vertically give better user experience on mobile phones. Here are the best practices for vertical video advertising.

• While creating vertical video advertisements, the brands need to include a large logo so that it is not lost on the small screen of the mobiles.

• Like any other video advertising, the vertical video also must come with a strong call to action. Publishers can include a hashtag, button or a URL. Including a call to action can serve different goals and some of them are to increase conversions and to increase brand recommendation.

• Do not worry about the time, the brand is to introduced to the audience in the vertical video ad, but it should do appropriately.

• We all know that the traditional landscape video ads are very effective and at the same time, vertical ads are also on rising. When using vertical videos always optimise them for screen alignment.

• Keep the vertical video ad short, relevant and interesting. The video should not exceed the length of thirty seconds. Five seconds, however, is very less effective to make the consumers recall the ad.

• Though auto-playing ads may irritate some users, it is proved that this feature helps in performing better when it comes to ad recall and brand familiarity.

some advertisers are now using vertical video ads on Snapchat and is also streaming on periscope and Meerkat. According to some experts, when people see an ad in the mobile app, they may skip an advertisement as they do not want to rotate their device to watch it on full screen. But if it is vertical they may keep watching.

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