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Best Practices for Promoted Videos on Twitter

Promoted Videos on Twitter

Twitter Promoted video is available to Twitter accounts. Twitter allows posting of video ads in a tweet. This is the promoted tweet but now with promoted videos, you can directly post the videos on Twitter and also target keywords.

Businesses can promote their videos on Twitter and promoted videos are those which are native videos ads. The user can use the keywords, search key words, tags, TV targeting and other parameters for the videos they post directly on Twitter. Read here the best practices for promoted videos on Twitter.

• Studies revealed that humanizing videos attract more consumers.  At least the opening scene of your video must contain a human.

• Ensure that the video you are posting is of high quality.

• Choose thumbnail of the video carefully so that users will want to see what is there in the video

• Videos are not limited on Twitter and so do not worry about the length of the video. At the same time, it is advised to make the introduction of the video early so that users know what the video is all about.

• Converse with the potential customers and followers with the use the video.

• Most of the videos online are watched on mobile devices. Thus it is important for the marketers to ensure that their videos content is mobile friendly.

• Combine the Twitter promoted video and TV targeting to reach a new audience.

How Twitter promoted videos are different from other videos? Twitter promoted videos act the same as promoted tweets and allow the marketer to embed video content within Tweet. The advertisers pay for only the number of plays as these are bought on cost per view basis.

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