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Best Practices for Creating YouTube User-Friendly Content

YouTube User-Friendly Content

YouTube updated its rules and notified the creators of the content about inappropriate content. YouTube will be sending emails notified which of their videos demonetized. According to YouTube the content which is appropriate for the audience will be considered by YouTube as advertiser-friendly. The video, thumbnail or the metadata should contain mature or inappropriate content. Even if a video contains mature or inappropriate content, it should not offend or shock the audience, and the content should be comedic or newsworthy.

Let us now see what content is considered not advertiser-friendly by YouTube.

• Nudity – even if partially and the video that contains sexual humor

• The content should not display violence and violent extremism

• It should not use any vulgar and inappropriate language

• The video content in no way should promote drugs, sell, use or abuse such items

• The topics related to political conflicts, war. Tragedies and natural disasters and other controversial subjects

If YouTube finds any of the videos on its platform containing the above, it will inform to the content creators and the video will be demonetized. Even it’s monetization is approved, it cannot use all the ad formats. YouTube completely reserve the right about monetizing or demonetizing the videos and if a channel keeps on submitting such videos, it can be suspended.

Here are the best practices for making YouTube advertiser-friendly

• See that the video has graphic material

• Follow the rules of YouTube policy guidelines strictly

• The title and thumbnail of the video should tell what is the content of the video

• Increase the chance of your content being found by the advertiser and sponsors

• Do not use explicit language in the thumbnail or title of the video. Don’t promote your own sponsors in the video as this can create advertiser conflict.

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