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Best Practices for Creating YouTube End Card

Youtube End Cards

Millions of videos are uploaded to the largest video sharing platform YouTube every day. It is not easy to capture the audience and keep them watching. However end cards can help in this. YouTube end cards are now available for everyone. End cards help to attract leads to website and views to the YouTube videos. End cards are also helpful to increase number of subscriptions to the YouTube channel. These are the things that pop up at the end of the YouTube videos.

• Use the YouTube End cards as a powerful call to action tools for driving viewers to see the content you want them to watch next.

• Lead the audience to watch the behind the scenes footage, popular old videos and your other YouTube channels.

• Best practice is to use the end cards in the last ten seconds of the videos.

• End cards can include powerful videos, subscribe button etc.

• Use bright colors for your end cards and these should be associated with the branding of the YouTube channel.

• More videos section should have all the related videos

• The links provided in the end cards should work when the viewer clicks them.

• End cards increase watch time and keep the viewers engaged.

• Using end cards can increase the watch time.

• Ask the audience to subscriber to your channel in the end cards.

The YouTube end cards should display for at least five to six seconds at the end of the video. These can be created to be displayed within screen flow. Also add the end cards for all your future videos to increase the engagement and increases more subscribers. YouTube end cards are a valuable feature for the brands and publishers. If the end cards are compelling, they can see increased retention and increased watch time across channels.

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