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Best Marketing Practices for Launching Web Series on YouTube

Launching Web Series on YouTube

Web series on YouTube are becoming more and more popular. YouTube is a video sharing platform and is the best for small filmmakers and writers to share their work and finding a new audience.Starting a web series is not a big thing now as cameras can be held easily now.Every person can now start their web series on YouTube and here is the best marketing for launching web series on YouTube.

Launching Web Series on YouTube

The ideal web series for internet audience from small budget creators should have relatively short episodes. Since the budget is less, these are shot in limited locations and with limited characters.The crowdfunding campaign is a great idea to start web series without spending money on production.The campaign helps to raise money if the filmmaker has an interesting idea that he can sell properly.

A digital camera is all that is needed to shot a film to start the web series. Contact any local artists that work for the experience and credits.Also look online for artists. When the first episode of the web series is uploaded, it is the time for promotion.Promoting the web series is probably the most attention seeking aspect and is the most important that decides the success of the series.

Inform all the friends and followers on social media sites such as Facebook etc about the launching of the web series.  If the series is made with crowdfunding, there might be many followers and increases awareness.  Team up with brands, find sponsors to showcase web series in film festivals.Team up with brands for the promotion of your web series.Another great way to boost the views of your web series is to start a Facebook page or a blog for promoting it.Choose a thumbnail that attracts audience attention, use annotations, create playlists to keep the audience engaged.

How to make a Successful YouTube Web Series

Web series is not very different type of video marketing. The rules are similar to YouTube videos. But planning a web series needs time and patience. The creator is telling the story which is long in short bits. Web series is a different and unique way to tell the story. Here are few tips on how to make the YouTube web series successful.

When planning a web series, the first thing on which to focus is the story. The next is how the creator wants to tell the story and in how many episodes. The next is to decide the duration of each episode.

Find audience for the story. Not everybody will watch the web series, and so it should be directed to the target audience. It is a good idea to share the web series with blogs and websites that are related to your niche.

If each episode of your web series is less than three minutes, do not expect your audience to wait for weeks together. Release these short episodes daily if possible and release longer episodes weekly. Scheduling the release gives you enough time to promote the series.

Before releasing the first episode of web series, choose the platform on which the web series can promote. Many options help for the promotion that includes Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, and Twitter. Consistency is the key to success. It helps in building the audience. Consider keyword optimization and thumbnail optimization to help people discover your content.

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