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Top 10 Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons

Kodi is a software media player which is available for free of cost. The XMBC foundation develops the application. This Open-Source Software is available for different operating systems and platforms. It supports the users to play and stream media from the web. It is an alternative to Windows media player. Here are some top 10 Best Kodi Addons to know about.

Best Kodi Addons

1. Exodus

It is a replacement add-on. It works very well and best for playing movies and TV Shows. The present version didn’t have any favourite folder which is one of the set back to this add-on.

2. Phoenix

This add-on is updated from time to time with new sources. It has great content which also included with Sports. Best source to find good video streams.

3. Specto Fork

Started updating from genesis. Similar user interface with movies as well as TV Shows. It consists of favorite folder and search.

4. Sports Devil

Supports wide variety of sports channels and featured Live Streams.

5. BOB restricted

Best Add-on from Phoenix. Plays a wide range of content that includes TV Shows, music, sports and movies. Can play streams without searching server.

6. 1Channel

It is one of the well known add-on which is powerful amd acts as a best companion to the exodus and both plays similarly.

7. UK Turk’s Playlist

It is one of the best add-ons which comes up with totally different layout that fits for the Live TV, Shows, Sports, Documentaries, Movies etc.


Well known as Stream all the sources. Interesting add-on which also offers some paid services to stream the videos much better.

9. cCloud TV

Best Live TV channels can be accessed in multiple languages.

10. Navi-X

Supports various channels and best for sharing the favorite content.

All these above are the list of Kodi add-ons which are popular and useful across the web.

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