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Best GoPro Camera for Vlogging and YouTube

GoPro camera

There are many advantages with using GoPro Camera for Vlogging. Using a GoPro is much easier than handling the other expensive cameras for vlogging. There are very few things needed to start vlogging with GoPro. The camera and the tripod mount and a selfie stick are all that you will need to record yourself. There are however different accessories and different GoPros available in the market well suited for vlogging.

Hero4 Silver – $300.00:

This is the most recommended GoPro for YouTube vlogging. This comes for an agreeable price than the other GoPro cameras such as Hero4 Black. The camera allows capturing the video in 2.7 k, 4K and so on and delivers good quality video footage.

The camera has a touchscreen at the back of it from where you can choose the features, adjust your setting. You can also see the footage you are recording on this screen. It gives a good battery life also.

Hero4 Black – $400.00:

This GoPro is one of the best GoPro cameras and allows capturing video footage in 4K, 2.7K and 1080p 60FPS. This model comes with many advanced features and delivers the best performance. This is more opting for professional YouTube vloggers. There is no touchscreen on the back. The video quality is slightly better than the Hero4 Silver. However if you are not using 4K, this camera is not the best choice for you.

GoPro Hero Session – $200:

This camera is suited for the vloggers who just started their YouTube channel and are on a tight budget. This camera is easy to use. It is also easy to carry the camera around. Videos can be captures in 1080p 60FPS. The battery life it gives is also good.

This inexpensive camera, the GoPro Hero Session is made out of plastic. The size is also smaller than other GoPro cameras but the quality of the video is inferior.

Best Ways to use GoPro for YouTube Vloggers

GoPro cameras are the best cameras to be used for YouTube vlogging. These are unique and increase the variety of video editing. Using GoPros for vlogging is convenient because of their small size. These are portable and can be carried in a bag, backpack or the pocket. These cameras also offer features such as time-lapse mode and other shooting modes.

The best accessories that can be used for Vlogging with GoPro are

• The frame mount that allows adding a camera to any other mount. It is also easier to pick up the audio.

• A 3 way mount, which offers versatility and comes in sturdy design.

• A dedicated microphone is what you like if you are more serious about your YouTube channel. Better sound can be captured with this.

• Feiyu Tech G4 handheld Gimbal stabilizer is recommended for GoPro video vlogging.

GoPro cameras can be used to capture the angles and shots that cannot be captured with any other video camera. These cameras can be strapped to athlete’s head or to the helmet of an athlete. The uses of GoPro camera are many. Vloggers can use these cameras for their travel vlogs. Vloggers can use the GoPro cameras in any type of weather conditions as these are small, compact and are waterproof. Vloggers can use GoPro to create videos for their travel, food, and sports YouTube channels. These also have built-in Wi-Fi and are durable.


Vloggers can create tutorials, product reviews etc with GoPro cameras. It is also good for shooting inside the cards. Uploading and editing of the video footage are easier. Lack of image stabilization is the only con with this most popular camera.

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