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Top 10 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome & Firefox

Ad Blockers

It is the experience of almost all internet users that annoying ads pop up while browsing the web. These need to be closed again and again. People use different ways to get rid of these ads and one of the way is to use Ad Blockers.

Top 10 Best Ad Blockers


AdBlockPlus is a popular ad blocker that can be used for most of the browsers. This is fast. This can also block ads in YouTube. This can be downloaded from Chrome webstore. It works both for Firefox and chrome.


AdBlock also functions similar to AdBlock Plus. Malware protection is also possible with AdBlock.

Add Ghostery

Add Ghostery to the Chrome browser. This is a popular ad blocker and the user can choose to block specific types of trackers. This is also available for Firefox.

Adgaurd AdBlocker

Adgaurd AdBlocker is another popular ad blockers that can be added as chrome extension. This can be enabled or disabled accordingly.

Fair AdBlock

Fair AdBlock app can be added to the chrome browser. This increases the browsing speed and also keep the privacy secure from tracking. This is even able to block the YouTube ads enhancing the user experience of watching the videos.


Everywhere also works for both chrome and Firefox.


NoScript is an ad blocker for Firefox. This also blocks plugins and Java and also malware attack vectors.


Disconnect ad blocker works for both Chrome and Firefox. This includes whitelists, blacklists and so on.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox. It blocks advertising, tracking tools etc.

AdBlocker Ultimate

It is another popular ad blocker available for Firefox and also chrome. It is freely availabe on both the Chrome and Firefox.

There has been the argument in favour and against of ad blocker. But many ads slow down the loading of the site and cause inconvenience. Thus many prefer using some ad blocker for better internet browsing experience.

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