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Bernd-Thorsten Korz – Alugha, Executive Board – Exclusive Interview


Tell me something about your company Alugha GmbH ?

We founded alugha in April 2014, by now 25 people working on our tools and services. We are the first one in the world solving the issues around global reach and growing for online videos. The player you can see is only a very small part of what alugha is today.

Tell me your thoughts about Multilingual online videos?

When I started with that Idea I had a real need for it and it was so surprising to me that there was no solution for it. The (internet)world is a small village and everyone in the world can watch your videos from all places in the world. We speak more than 6000 different languages and dialects and it is VERY important that you make sure your audience can “understand” you. Do not expect that they learn YOUR language.

What to expect in the near future with respect to Multilingual online videos?

We see that every day here within alugha. Customers ask us how to do it and we see that it becomes a very important part. We speak so many languages and the world is big. Multilingual videos will become a big thing, if you are not willing to think across borders you may be poked by your competitors.

Tell me something about Multilingual online videos and your Alugha GmbH?

On alugha we have more than 2000 videos already with up to 40 languages per video. Musicians, Editors, Actors, movie makers, education channels… they all started using alugha for their needs. With our next coming tools, we will again change the way people handle multilingual online videos. We are always the first working on this.

Tell me about Multilingual online videos in the Germany market?

In Germany, we speak currently about 21 different languages. It is very important even inside the country itself to make sure everyone can understand. In the case of refugees, it became even more important. We Germans love movies and videos spoken in our mother tongue and so it is a really big thing for foreigners to add German translations.

Upcoming Multilingual online videos in Germany?

Big deal!

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Thank you “Bernd-Thorsten Korz” for your valuable time and inputs.

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