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Getting Started with BBC Taster Virtual Reality App

BBC Taster Virtual Reality App

The BBC is experimenting with Virtual Reality Converting BBC content into VR videos. BBC recently launched a Virtual Reality mobile app named as “BBC Taster” which broadcast all BBC content to 360-degree videos. BBC Taster Virtual Reality App is going to be the trending.

BBC Taster Virtual Reality app is available for free on iOS and Android mobiles. The British media network has best 360 video content in a YouTube playlist. This app was developed by “Taster”, BBC in-house they used “EEVO “ to publish BBC videos and news content to Virtual Reality.

Best Features Of BBC Taster Virtual Reality App:

BBC first experimented on the nature documentary “Planet Earth II” to give nature experience to the viewer with more content expected to be soon in a BBC Taster app. In the app, it allows users to choose their path to enjoy it.

It has also experimented on VR animated videos, interactive 360 videos, Branching narratives, and Dynamic Binaural. They are “One Deadly weekend in America” and Planet Earth II. If you are using mobile VR headsets, you can experience it properly to choose the path where they go.

BBC is experimenting on live events like 2016 Rio Olympic Games, planning to broadcast at least one event every day on iOS, Android, PC’s and Samsung Gear VR. Planning to give up to 100 live hours for the Taster VR app from dedicated PCs and mobile devices.

Taster app videos include Rio Olympic 2016 opening and closing ceremonies, sports like Basketball, gymnastics including facing, also promises the ringside view of boxing. Here one limitation happens the UK kept Geolocation that is locked for others.

The broadcaster says that the user can choose any of the videos from the Taster VR app, choose any of your adventure style programs this is an entirely different approach rather than traditional TV services from the BBC.

The BBC Taster app is currently available for iOS and Android mobiles outside the United Kingdom. If you are an Android user download app from play store and iOS user download BBC Taster app from app store.

After downloading it app by default have two videos “One Deadly Weekend in America VR” and Planet Earth II videos. Just download the videos and watch it. Planet Earth II is taking little bit late to download it.

You are allowed to watch the videos through Google Cardboard and compatible devices. You can select your own destinations, travel route from Deserts, Jungles, Grasslands, Islands, Mountains, and Cities.

To develop this platform BBC Research and Development included 120 different pilots, working from all various departments of the BBC, thousands of Feedbacks from different departments in the BBC.

You can watch BBC sports through Your computers using Beeb’s Experimental BBC Taster site without any help from VR headsets scrolling the mouse and moving around.

There is an app for Samsung VR Gear so, you use through your mobile to watch 360 degrees VR content in this app. BBC stated that “now they are pushing boundaries to get closer to the action than ever before”.


This is an Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with BBC Taster Virtual Reality App for everyone. People who are not aware of this app make use of this valuable information. Enjoy the Virtual reality experience from the Popular British Media BBC News, Documentaries and Sports Events in the closer look.

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