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Top 10 Places to Find Background Music for Video

Video or slideshow presentations without background music don’t look good. Background Music for videos plays the major role in the success of a viral video or a Advertisers video. Background music enhances people to get connected to deeper, emotional involvement.

There is some background music software available to download for free.Every Smartphone has a special video Camera in a current mobile industry so that you can shoot videos editings done on the mobile phones. Almost all video editing software and adding background music can do on mobiles through the software applications. Here are the Top 10 Places to Find Background Music for a Video.

Find Background Music for Video

Audio Jungle:

Audiojungle site allows users to download the artist’s albums royalty free music. Artists pay for them, but users can download their favorite music every month for free of cost. You can find a label like “ free files”, to download the musician’s top songs for free.

Epic Music:

Epic background music can be used for workouts, fast beats, epic trailer music, background music for videos, epic instrumental music, high energetic music beats and much more. Epic instrumental music is popular for some YouTube top music, gym workouts, trailers and cinematic videos.You can buy epic background music for videos it’s worthy to buy from this website.

Freeplay Music:

Freeplay Music offers instrumental music to set background music for your videos. As the name suggests that it’s free of cost, to download and to choose the best music you can see a drop-down menu on the website. If you are looking for a particular music album use the search bar to get favorite music Moreover all files are in MP3 format.


This site offers a limited number of tracks to download, as the site dictionary is not that much cast collection of tracks. But to download the background music for video it is one of the best options to choose. There are the variety of genres and free to download compilable options available on this website.


Jamendo is one of the biggest repositories of the variety of generous music tracks available. It contains almost 400,000 tracks from different genera from different artists. It contains all tracks in MP3 formats, the biggest dictionary from the web from famous musicians. Jamendo offers music for video ads, Facebook video ads, YouTube and other social media sites login and gets a license for downloading the tracks.

It supports music downloads for free, mainly used for streaming purposes. Live streaming events can use their original music background or you can add background music from this website at the time of streaming. It offers folk, classic, fast beat and other types of background music length of the track was 3-4 minutes of video footage. Here tracks were not organized and no search options, you can select among all 200+ tracks.

Partners In Rhyme:

Partners In Rhymes offers free WAV music for YouTube use to prevent YouTube disputes. This website is user-friendly just simply right click on selected track save the link on your computer.Partners In Rhyme offers loops for commercial TV advertisements, movie broadcastings for credit. It is a royalty free music app for background music.

YouTube Audio Library:

Everyone should aware of free music available for the creators for using background music. It has a cast collection of the repository you can search by artist, generous, musician, type of the track. YouTube Audio Library has more than 150+ audio background tracks of 320Kbps and MP3’s format to download it for free. You can save the edited video file in your computer.

Templates Wise:

Templates wise offers free and effective music tracks for the video editors to add perfect background music. All the tracks in the templates wise are in MP3 file format so it’s easy to use directly. You should select the best track under the downloads option. You can give credits to the sites and select embed code under the each track.


Audionautix is a free music downloader from generous tracks in the website. You should give some credit credentials to the tracks what you are downloading for copyright purpose. You should select the tracks from the various tracks of different musicians, artist and different types of music.


Some of the creators don’t actually know the copyright free music, it;s free of cost but you should give a rating to the site by promoting. These are the Top 10 Places To find the Background music for videos. Use this above guide to choose best free background music for any type of videos.

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