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10 Ways to Produce B2B Marketing Videos on Budget

B2B Marketing Videos

Marketers already know about the power of video marketing today. The video is the best media that can target the users much better than any other form of media for advertising or marketing. When comes to marketing with videos in B2B companies, the small B2B companies are stepping back the lack of great budgets. They are missing the strategy that there are some ways to go with the B2B Marketing Videos. Here are some important ways that can help your B2B Company for video marketing.

Budget friendly ways

1. Do in-house

Shoot your video in-house than hiring a videographer. It is also the newest trend in content marketing today.

2. Leverage what you already have

Utilize the available resources with you. Don’t search for something that is not required for your video making process.

3. Keywords

Focus on best keywords at exact locations in your content. Make an instructional video for your marketing and deliver the same to your audience. You can gain good exposure across search engines as Google rank your video content.

4. Shoot on iPhone or any other

It is not must to shoot your video with professional expensive cameras. There are many successful videos that an e-shot on iPhone itself. So cut down the budget for expensive cameras.

5. Use the free software’s

Utilize the free video editing software’s that are available online. Try avid video editing and adobe premiere etc for your video editing.

6. Make your own story

Hiring a writer for your video storyboard may add expenses to your plan. So discuss with the team of your marketers and write your own script and finalize it.

7. Go organic

Try organic advertising on different platforms with your videos. Many companies are succeeded with the organic approach in video marketing.

8. Add a call to actions

Don’t forget to add a call to actions to your video. Plan it before the video creation.

9. Limit the paid advertising

If you are serious about reaching an audience with paid ads rather than organic. Then develop a strategy which ca cut your unnecessary expenses by revealing what is your target.

10. Invest time

Time is more valuable than money when comes to B2B video promotion.

10 Effective Strategies for Using YouTube for B2B Marketing

Irrespective of the size of the business, more and more marketers are using YouTube for business marketing. According to studies, B2B marketers are using YouTube videos as part of their business strategies. YouTube is one of the best platforms to give exposure and interaction to the businesses.Here are few strategies to use YouTube for B2B Marketing promotion.

YouTube for B2B Marketing stratagies

  1. The content you post should be of great quality. Be it written content or videos, you should gather resources that help to create good quality content.
  2. Make use of the tools offered by YouTube.
  3. Apart from the quality of the video, the content of the video is also playing a key role in attracting the viewers. Thus make your YouTube videos interesting and entertaining.
  4. Creating good quality videos are important as well as getting noticed. Videos do not automatically go viral but you need to add perfect keywords and phrases that the customers use for searching.
  5. Use the same keywords that you used in the title in your video tags also and these words should be related to the video. Find the terms that are trending using Google Trends.
  6. For any B2B marketing, the aim of using YouTube is to create brand awareness and increase sales. Use calls to action in the videos along with annotations to divert the viewers to your product page or official website.
  7. Use YouTube analytics to measure the performance of the videos.
  8. Identify the areas that need to be improved.
  9. To reach more target viewers create a channel banner and add your website links and social media page links.
  10. To take advantage of YouTube platform, the companies must create a channel trailer in which the viewers can get to know the type of content that the videos will have.

Group your videos.  You can have different playlists for videos, for example, one playlist for videos that describe the products, one playlist of videos that contain customer reviews etc. Make your company logo as the channel icon.

All these above ways are best to develop the budget friendly B2B videos and get successful in reaching your targeted audience online.

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