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20 Australian Online Video Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Australia Online Video

Video is growing and continuous the same pace, no matter what the location will be. Here is a detailed online video statistics of Australia from various findings and research reports abstract.

1. SVOD has raised as the primary category in the list of paid online content in Australia

2. Only 84 percent Australians are spending online on video.

3. People in Australia are spending more than 22 hours online every week.

4. Comparing to past ten years, Australians are spending more than 4 times on video content.

5. More than 70 percent Australian users are showing their interest in new live video streaming across the web.

6. Only 10 percent people are going with other applications and platforms to watch the video content and others prefer the YouTube video content only.

7. An average of eight hours per month on computers is the total time spent by the Australian people.

8. 1 hour is an average time spent on tablets for video watching.

9. 2 hours is an average time spent by the people in Australia to watch video on their smartphone

10. 80 percent Australians have the ability to download the video content and is expected to increase in the future.

11. The prime time audience towards the traditional television was declined by 6 percent in the year 2016.

12. Video watching behaviors of users have shifted to the internet.

13. YouTube platform is in the fourth place in the most visited website in Australia.

14. More than 12 million Australians are utilizing the YouTube platform

15. 53 percent Australian YouTube users are males

16. More than 50 percent YouTube audience in Australia is aged between 17 to 35 years old.

17. At an average, people in Australia visit YouTube at least 12 times in a month.

18. 85 percent Australians like to watch Facebook videos.

19. According to survey reports, it is revealed that more than 12 million videos are streamed by the people in Australia.

20. More than 7 million streams are viewed in the year 2016.

Therefore, there is a great change in the online video consumption in Australia and expected to raise across the globe.

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