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Audit your YouTube Video Library – Identify Gaps and Trending Opportunities

YouTube Video Library

Overall YouTube Channel Content Audit

How to understand if the content on YouTube channel is performing well? Ensure you signed into the YouTube Ac that is attached to your YouTube channel and visits It is the place you’ll see all the information you have to direct a YouTube channel content Audit. YouTube Video Library is an excellent benchmark to see how your content is performing. On the off chance that this isn’t what you need it to be, take a gander at advancing your content through YouTube’s advanced video choices, or showcasing it through web journals and social channels. Everything about YouTube Video Library is explained here.

Your top viewed videos are presumably pointers of what sort of content works admirably on your YouTube. Visit the channel and tap on About to perceive what number of views it has, and after that look under Videos, and include what number of videos are on their record. You can sort this sort by most famous also, and see what their top performing content is. What lessons would you be able to gain from their channel to support your video efforts?

Analyzing Best and Worst Performing Videos

On the off chance that you are an active YouTube user, then you are likely officially acquainted with YouTube’s video analytics usefulness, YouTube Insight to explore through YouTube Video Library. YouTube Insight will furnish you with data on what numbers of individuals have seen your video(s), what part of the world they are where views began from and more.

Check a YouTube Video’s Stats Focus on

● Interpreting YouTube Video Stats

● Comments, Favorites, Ratings

● Referrals and Inbound Links To YouTube Video

Making a Report what is working out and what is failing

Might you look for additional ways for your video promoting effort to come up short significantly further? Maybe you’d invite even less views, likes, comments and attention?

Make Your Handy YouTube Checklist to ensure what is working out and what is Failure

● The title

● Date of campaign

● The larger topic

● Which category the content falls into:: Internal, outside, product, training, support, and so on.

● The part(s) of the channel the video addresses

● Total views

● The tags

● Normal capacity to focus or the rate of your audiences that watches the video to the end

● The relevance (demonstrate whether it’s evergreen or if there’s a constrained time span of usability)

A few things to ask yourself for every advantage include:

● Is it useful and worth of the audience’s time?

● Would your clients pay for this?

● Is the content important? Would you discover value in it?

● Is despite everything it being utilized as a part of sustain messages?

● Does the content accomplish its motto (Excitement versus Understanding)?

Analyzing Audience Retention Reports and auditing each element in it

You can utilize the Audience maintenance report to get a general measure of how well your video keeps its group of onlookers. Utilize the report to see:

● Normal views duration for all videos on your channel

● Top videos or channels recorded by different time

● Gathering of people maintenance information for a particular video for various time spans

● Relative gathering of people maintenance for a video contrasted with the YouTube normal for comparative videos

Analyzing Video Watch Time Reports and auditing each element in it

YouTube takes into the record the watch time of your videos to decide how to reference them in the search engine on the web. The “Avg views duration” of your videos in supreme worth is essential that the “normal percentage viewed.” For example, long video with a usual rate saw off 40%, and an Avg views the length of 4 minutes is referenced superior to a shorter video with a normal rate saw 70% yet an average view span of just 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Finding Video Content gaps on your YouTube Channel

Once both your sales and advertising groups have sorted through your YouTube Video Library, it’s an ideal opportunity to concentrate on the benefits you’ll need going ahead. At this stage, it will be clear when you sort your rundown by ranges of the channel, purchase personas, or particular points what might need.

On the off chance that you see for instance, that you have a great deal of enlivening videos. No point by point item demos, YouTube Video Library is an ideal opportunity to grow more item engaged content to make your business message saleable and help your business reps.

Also, your assessment may uncover you have kept a ton of content that isn’t driving worth. Possibly the capacity to focus information uncovers your gathering of people drops off toward the of each talking head-style meeting and this may end your present video arrangement for something all the more diverting.


These steps ought to get you through an essential video content audit – however in the event that I’m missing anything that helped you through your very own audit, share your skill and tips beneath!

Moreover, the video information for your present videos will have an impact in helping you decide which of your Videos has been the best as such. In the event that you see that your whiteboard videos are performing particularly well, make a ton more on various topics as it’s a format that is working with your gathering of people.

What were your criteria for archiving gaps and do they stay in the file? Will they see the light of day? Tell us!

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