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10 Ways to Engage your audience on your YouTube Channel

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YouTube is a marketplace where the marketer can exhibit his products and promote the same. But, if the marketer is not able to get the required viewers or unable to convert the visitors to purchase decision, it is a great loss for him and as such he needs to ensure success for his ad campaign. One of the best ways to achieve this objective is to engage the audience on his YouTube channel.

As the channel is offering tremendous potential, there is stiff competition for the promotion of the products and the best strategies being the only way to engage the audience, let us briefly understand the ways to engage the audience.

1) Create great titles:

Title of the video is the primary indication that can create or destroy the success of the video. The title needs to be shortest possible and descriptive as well. Keywords also have equal importance in titling.

2) Good thumbnails:

Optimum thumbnail is another way that can engage the audience. Thumbnail gives the viewer an idea about the content of the video and creates interest.

3) Video SEO:

Content marketing is always dependent on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO factors include the tag, audience retention, tags, video length, likes etc.

4) Optimize the channel in terms of color, logo, social media icon, background & customer banners and layout.

5) Organize contests to your viewers & offer gifts. `

6) Collaborating with competitions in a similar line of activity is another way to engage the audience. Collaboration can be through guest appearances, guest blogs etc.

7) Creation of playlists involving relevant videos is another way whereby the viewer is harnessed till he views all the relevant videos and this ensures engaging the viewer.

8) Regular interaction with the audience through QA session ensures that the viewer is engaged in the channel.

9) ‘Call to Action’ is the trump card that the marketer can never ignore. The options under this heading include like, share, subscribe, forward etc.

10) Promotion of channel across different platforms is required as there has to be awareness among the users of various platforms. For example, your YouTube channel can be promoted on other platforms like FB, Linked in, Pinterest etc.

The ultimate aim of the marketer is to ensure that his ad campaign is a grand success and for this, he has to ensure that constant updating of his content as well as provision of accurate data, as well as contact details, will ensure that he is able to engage his audience.

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