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Andy Lalwani – Interview with Upcoming YouTube Creator

YouTuber Interview

Andy Lalwani is from D.C.,US. YouTuber, activist, and the official intern for Playlist Live. ANYWAY, He might have a little bit of a mad obsession with the internet and traveling the world.

Tell me something about your Channel Andy Lalwani?

  • Throughout my channel, I try to tell my own life story, and I started doing this when I came to college. I never knew that I would get to the point that I am now, but I am very fortunate to meet so many individuals with amazing stories. Also, I hope that my stories help motivate others.

What make you get interested in creating YouTube Video?

  • I was interested in making YouTube videos from when I was growing up. I didn’t have a lot of resources, and I always had so many questions growing up as well. I didn’t know who to turn to when it came to things like coming out, so I found my way through YouTube and I found a place that I could relate to. These videos helped me so much from all of the creators at the time, and I hope my videos do the same.

Who is your Inspiration to create videos?

  • A lot of my friends are my inspirations. I grew up watching so many of these people, and I never thought that I would have the opportunity to meet them in real life. People like Davey Way, Connor Franta, and Tyler Oakley gave me the drive to get out and do my own thing.

Why is Native Video the future of content marketing?

  • I think that people have the ability to become their own boss and get their voices out, and I feel that this empowers so many individuals out there. Content comes from genuine people, and I believe that YouTube does that for everyone.

What to expect in the near future in your YouTube Channel?

  • I expect a lot of things to happen in the next year for me. I will be moving out to Los Angeles to help grow my channel and even see if that is a place I want to end up in the future. I see myself with a lot of people and inspiring others as I do now, but I hope to reach even more people.

Tell me something about your association with PlayList Live?

  • I am the spokesperson for Playlist Live, better known as Andy the Intern, and I help people learn about Playlist and even get them excited for the event itself. With weekly videos and updates from me, the fans get a taste of what the event will be like before they even get there.

What are Upcoming Trends on Video Industry?

  • The video industry is always changing. It seems like everything has been done, and then someone defies that. I see a lot of people using the video industry to help relate to people on a whole new level, and videos are shared so frequently these days. Videos could be an entirely new way to market.

Thank you, “Andy Lalwani,” for your valuable inputs for Upcoming creators.All the Best.

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