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Amazon New Echo Look Camera Offers Fashion Tips – Review

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Amazon Unveiled another expansion to its Alexa group of gadgets like Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Look like a stylish selfie camera. Amazon Echo is a new Kinect style camera specially designed for Stylists to check outfits before facing the Showtime camera.

Amazon Echo look is a smart speaker with a camera of Built-in LED lighting. The new Home assistant works on commands like “Alexa, take a Video,” “Alexa, take a picture,” it takes the picture with hands-free Camera and speakers.

Special Features of Amazon Echo Look Camera:

You can take a selfie of full-size photo, and you can also ask Echo look for to record a short video for later reference.

Amazon Echo look featuring app, has a built-in machine learning algorithm, to advise the fashion specialist to pick the best outfit for fashion ramps. The decision made by the three options like “styling,” “current trend” and “fit.”

Amazon Echo look has a special feature Cal “Style check”, if you submit two photos to the style check it will decide which one is best suits for you based on these “fit”, “color”, “styling” and “current trend”.

This device helps fashion stylist, to get advice from echo to discover new brands and styles, this device has all capabilities how a human mind will choose a decision, in fact, a device only advising the human brains.

The hardware of Amazon Echo look has a hand free Camera which helps to take photos with the help of four built-in LED lights.

The hands-free camera leads you to take head to toe photo pop with intelligent background blur, highlighting your outfit look.

Echo look has a speaker and Microphone array, to listen to the weather forecast news and more similarly to take a photo or a video of your daily look with a microphone array.

Mic and Camera button are located bottom right side of the Echo look to turn off the Camera. So it does not capture your every moment, and it’s the secure way of using.

The camera has a built-in LED sensor, it blurs out everything in the background it just highlights save only the subject. These captured photos and videos are stored automatically on “lookbook.”

It has a standard tripod socket with adjustable base mounts on walls and any flat surface to fix it for regular usage.


Amazon new Echo look Camera is best for fashion specialist to choose best products for their reference and decision making. Not only for stylists it also best for fashion bloggers, fashionable people who love fashion tips and hands-free selfie. You can order now and be a weight watcher for Amazon Echo look camera.

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