Advertise covers articles on Video Marketing and Advertising also about complete happening around online Video and specifically on YouTube platform as well as other Social Video Platforms. Which includes expert interviews, how-to articles, tips & tricks, video app, video product reviews and other related topics.

Some Statistics

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Advertising Options

Here on ReelnReel, we offer a wide variety of advertisement option here. Most useful advertising options for brands are Sponsored Reviews about their video products/platform and services.

You can find all Advertising options below:

Banner Advertising

We allow brands to place ads on our website to get maximum visibility with our daily targetted user base.

Here are the banner size its placement position and appearance on ReelnReel:

Square Button – Right Sidebar – 125*125 – Everywhere

Medium Rectangle – Right Sidebar – 350*250 – Everywhere

Medium Rectangle – Between Post – 350*250 – All Posts

Large Rectangle – Between Post – 366*280 – All Posts

Skyscraper – Right Sidebar – 350*250 – Wherever Necessary

Full Banner – Between Post – 468*60 – All Posts

Leaderboard – Between Post – 728*90 – All Posts

Leaderboard – Top Right Header – 728*90 – Everywhere

Text Link Advertising

Different Sponsorship Options with provide different sponsorship option for brands and advertisers to increase their presence and helps to grab customers.
We help you to boost brand visibility and reputation of your company. has reviewed and worked with famous brands to increase their Social Media reach.

You can find out all our sponsorship options below:

Sponsored Review

Advertisers always look out for sponsored reviews of products.We will write a complete sponsored reviews with the in-depth review about product/service to generate traffic and conversions. These in-depth reviews will drive sales for your products globally.These sponsored reviews will convert our website readers into loyal customers.

Your products/services will get maximum exposure with daily viewers. All sponsored reviews are shared on our Social Media base and also we will provide the backlink to the respective product/service of the advertiser.

What Advertiser will get?

We will never delete sponsored reviews from our website. It will stay forever until our website exists.

Sponsored Giveaway

Advertisers can organize a sponsored giveaway which will give free rewards or discounts to our readers to generate sales. There will be a lot of Social Media Engagement with Facebook and Twitter Platforms.

Other Sponsorship Options

Sponsored Product Reviews (Video Platforms, Tools, and new services about video)
Sponsored Guides (How to Guides)
Sponsored Newsletter Mailing


We are not having fixed costs on Advertising and all other sponsorships. Costing will completely depend upon brand/product or services.
Contact us at [email protected] to get the best pricing.

We do not have fixed prices on Advertising and Sponsorship. Pricing completely depends on the various factors. So you have to Contact Us directly for discussion regarding prices.

Apart from above all advertising options, if you have any particular requirement or advertising idea, feel free to contact us.