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The Ultimate Guide to Automatically Add Captions to Facebook Video Ads

Add Captions to Facebook Video Ads

The popularity of video ads on Facebook is increasing. Based on internal and external studies that revealed how the social network consumed, Facebook announced suggestions on how to get maximum benefits for video campaigns and also some features for video ads to be more effective. Steps to add captions to Facebook Video Ads automatically has been explained here.

Facebook video ads appear as the user scrolls the feed and this autoplay silently until the user decides to watch the ad and click on them. Though the auto play feature is a great way to get the attention of the customers, these play only silently and the marketers are missing a great opportunity.

Here comes the benefit of captions and subtitles for

FacebookVideos. The closed captions and subtitles proved to increase the engagement and also to get better SEO ranking.

Automatic captions for Facebook videos

Adding captions for Facebook videos is not simple. For this, the advertisers needed to embed captions, upload caption files etc. But Facebook is now is adding automatic captions to the video ads and the marketers have the choice of editing the captions generated by Facebook.

A new tool introduced by Facebook creates captions and asks the advert risers to review them. After generating the captions within the ad creation tool, Facebook prompts the marketer to review and edit the captions.

To add automatic captions to the Facebook video ad. First, the video is to created in power editor. Access the Manage Ads feature and then choose the Create Add option. Name the ad and then click on create.

Fill the details of the ad in Create Ad section. Choose Select Video button from ‘Video’ option. Here, choose the ‘Upload Video’ options. Go to the Video caption and choose ‘Generate Automatically’.

The creators now have two options which are ‘Review manually before they added’ and ‘Let Facebook review for accuracy and add automatically’. When the user chooses ‘Review manually’ option, Facebook sends you a notification after the captions generated.

The quality of auto-generated captions for Facebook need not always be great, and the marketers need to review and edit them to get the maximum benefit. Video captions help to make the users understand and access the videos better.

How important are captions for Facebook Video Ads?

Millions of hours of video ware watched every day on Facebook. It also proved that when videos automatically play in the feeds, most people act negatively. These play without any sound, and when there is no sound, some videos may fail to get any benefits with the autoplay feature.

Most people use their mobile devices to access Facebook. The way video ads engage users on mobiles is different from the way they engage on the desktop. The video ads auto-play without any sound on mobiles.

There are only a few seconds for the videos to grab the attention of the user so that they click on the videos and watch them. Facebook revealed that adding captions to the video Ad helps engage the people longer.

Users keep scrolling through their feeds, and unless the videos capture the attention of the viewers, the campaign is not going to be successful. Facebook automatic captioning is expected to encourage people to check the videos that appear in feeds.

The video ads must be able to visually engage the users so that they are influenced to click them to play and there with the presence of the captions, and there would be no need to turn up the volume. On the part of the advertisers, they must make video ads to sit the environment which plays the videos silently.

20 Facts about Facebook Video Ads

Facebook started to show ads in the middle of the video and send money to the publisher. Facebook wants to show more video ads to the people and raise the revenue for publishers.There are some interesting facts we should know about Facebook Video Ads.

You can post your ads in Facebook support video or else you can boost the video post to make it as a video advertisement. We need to make sure that if you raise your ad, the Facebook advertising policies apply to that ads.

  1. Facebook had kept a three month test on the group of users, before the launch of Facebook Video Ads
  2. Facebook had partnered with the Mindshare and Studio Summit media companies for the first set of video ads on its platform
  3. The Facebook Video Ads expenditure in US had reached towards 36 billion
  4. More than two million advertisers actively going on the Facebook platform.
  5. More than 700 million users were visiting on the Facebook through mobile
  6. More than 62 percent revenue was made from the mobile Facebook usage
  7. The cpm rates are lower if the ad was targeted on Facebook by the Customer audience
  8. More than 20 percent Fans like the business page if they are researching on a particular product online
  9. Facebook provides the open communication facility between the consumers and marketers
  10. More than 70 percent engagement of audience was noted on the Facebook platform in the first five hours itself.
  11. The posts which are included with the emoticons have greater engagement levels on the Facebook platform
  12. The posts with the emoticons have 34 percent high shares and 50 percent more likes
  13. The algorithm on the Facebook platform mainly targets the news feeds
  14. Facebook autoplay video ads are having the great engagement with the audience
  15. More than 69 percent monthly users are noted in US and Canada regions having a connectivity with local business
  16. The Facebook native videos are also having the better following just like autoplay video ads.
  17. It was revealed that more than 38 million active business pages are identified on the Facebook platforms which are also following the premium Facebook ads.
  18. The ad clicks on the Facebook platform have greatly increased over an year with more than 158 percent raise.
  19. The short posts on Facebook was receiving more than 60 percent of more engagement
  20. Friday is the most effective day for posting on Facebook and it was revealed that the afternoon hour was the best time.


The Facebook ads are viewed by a person only if that person watched at least first 20 sec video after that they will get ads. The above article is guide for Facebook Video Ads.

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