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Ad block that Effecting Global Video Market [Study]

Ad block that Effecting Global Video Market

Blocking of the ads on becomes a big headache to the video market today. More than 130m people are using different types of ad blocking softwares across the globe which grow a significant barrier for the video marketing. Much pre-roll, sponsored, pop-up ads subjected to the Ad Blocking and the remaining are less active. The ad blockers were in the form of software’s or hardware’s which removes the ads from the web pages, and their primary target is blocking the advertisements and the trackers from the ad companies. They are sticking entire technology of advertising today.


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According to a study, it revealed that the global ad blocking usage had raised more than forty percent from 2014 to the 2015 year. More than 8 million new ad blocking users noticed within one month in the year 2015. The video becomes more powerful online for business. A survey measured the watch time on the desktop for both ad block and non-ad-blocking users and calculated the consumption of video and revealed that the unmonetized video span was on due to Ad Block.


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More than sixty percent time spent on the desktop video block from the monetisation in Germany publishers are losing the ad revenues due to the ad blocking softwares and hardwares. If they can prevent the ad blocking, then they have the chance to increase their revenues up to 250 percent than they are earning at present. So, it is clear that ad blockers are blocking the revenues and reach of the video marketers online today.

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