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50 Facts and Figures about Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual reality is the next big thing for media consumption in the coming years. It is expected that the market of virtual reality will surpass the market of smartphones in the coming two to three years. Virtual Reality Videos are leading in the current generation. Here are some unknown facts and figures about the Virtual Reality Videos.

Virtual Reality Videos Facts

  • In the coming two to three years, the virtual reality market is going to be worth $30 billion.
  • The growth of virtual reality is likely to come from the headset sales and videos of virtual reality.
  • According to some source, around 500 million virtual reality headsets are going to be sold in the coming eight to ten years.
  • This is good news for Facebook and Samsung as their VR gears Oculus Rift and Gear VR headset sales are going to be increased.
  • In the coming few years, around 170 million people will be using virtual reality technology across the globe.
  • The users that are going to use the technology will be the kids, teens etc.
  • Virtual reality headsets are expected to replace the gaming consoles or they may complement the consoles.
  • Samsung VR gear does not require a high priced PC and the mobile-based VR solutions are going to be widely accepted by consumers.
  • More than one million people already used the Samsung Gear VR in 2016, and the number is going to be increased further.
  • Introduction of 360 degree videos on YouTube is increasing viewers interest in watching the virtual reality content
  • More than two million people are subscribing to YouTube 360 channel.
  • People already watched more than one million hours of video using the Gear VR by February, 2016.
  • More than two million developers registered for Oculus Rift to build games in virtual reality.
  • Apps such as Oculus cinema are allowing deeper immersion experiences for the users apart from gaming.
  • Virtual reality diagnostic images from scans and ultrasound are used in diagnosis and treatment for the patient.
  • Automotive industry is using virtual reality for design purpose as well as its campaign.
  • The term virtual reality is first used in 1938.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality, both were called artificial reality before 1980’s.
  • According to some other sources, the VR hardware and content users will be more than twenty-eight million in the next year.
  • The number is going to be more than nearly 5 million who adopted the technology in the in the beginning of 2016.
  • There are nearly 700 virtual reality start ups.
  • VR tool creator MediaSpika, VR social network TeliportMe and VR Publishing Platform Sketchfab are some of the startups that have much number of followers.
  • More number of gamers wants to upgrade their systems to pay virtual reality games.
  • The hardware market size in the world is growing to increase to 7.3 billion dollars in the coming few years.
  • The virtual reality software market size is likely to reach a value of 4.8 billion dollars in the next year.
  • The revenue from sale of virtual reality products is likely to reach 5.2 billion dollars in a year time from now.

  • Virtual reality is not always expensive. Google cardboard that launched in the year 2014 is made of cardboard and can be used with Android phone screens.
  • Cardboard from Google can be purchased for just a few dollars.
  • Google Cardboard is already downloaded more than ten million times till a year ago.
  • According to HTC, the sale of VR headsets will be more than that of smartphones by 2020.
  • VR headset and the smartphone are going to offer an alternative entertainment experience to the people.
  • The large size of VR headsets are presently not comfortable to carry, and it is predicted that more than seventy percent of the VR is going to be mobile.
  • Smartphone powered VR is emerging and progressing fast.
  • One out of the two VR headsets that are sold is going to be mobile VR headset.
  • Mobile VR headsets are now available in the market for different prices.
  • Missing the opportunity to use the virtual reality platform means missing out the huge audience.
  • Using the virtual reality platform means developing group of followers who are dedicated.
  • Another interesting fact is that sixty percent of the audiences still feel that virtual reality is only for gamers.
  • Provide more and more information to the viewers and they are more likely to get involved in the technology.
  • YouTube is the perfect platform for creating and experience 360 degree videos.
  • It is possible to test the 360 degree content on YouTube platform and see how people react to the content.
  • Expected that more than thirty percent of the consumer companies are likely to use the virtual reality technology for their marketing efforts in the year 2017.
  • Virtual reality always need not be expensive. It depends on the scope of the project. Big companies can invest thousands of dollars, and small companies can invest less.
  • Though the experience of strapping virtual reality is amazing, it cannot replace real life.
  • Virtual reality enhances the real life.
  • Another fact about virtual reality is that the best applications of VR are not related to gaming.
  • Do you know Google Cardboard was a side project for David Coz and Damient Henry, the two engineers?
  • Virtual reality is developed by any single person, but the growth of the technology is because of many people’s contribution.


The facts and figures about Virtual Reality Videos indicate that it is going to be the next big thing. Above mentioned are some of the facts and figures of Virtual Reality Videos. The popularity of the technology is growing and is not very far when this is going to achieve recognition worldwide in the coming days.

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