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A/B Testing YouTube Ads & Finding Ways to Increase Subscribers

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YouTube has been able to prove itself as the No.1 online video platform adding increasing number of viewers on a daily basis.  A/B Testing YouTube Ads platform is having over a billion users and this is around 33% of the total users of internet world over. The content on YouTube generates billions of views. In addition to the quantity (no. Of users) video adds the magic of harnessing the viewers to the content.

In view of the same, the subscriber base for YouTube ads (by the marketer) need to be increased and given below are some of the ways to increase the subscriber base.

a) KISS (Keep it small & sweet). The video should be aptly sized i.e., it should neither be too small nor too large.

b) Interesting thumbnail prompts the viewer to visit the video.

c) The first impression is the best impression: The first few seconds (say 5-10) are most critical to harnessing the viewer till the end of the video.

d) Call to Action: As the main purpose of the ad is to convert the visit to a purchase decision, there has to be a provision to this effect.

e) Linking to other content of the company (through providing online links in the video) prompt the viewer to visit other sites of the company thereby increasing the viewership.

f) Make optimum use of keywords. This is nothing but SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

g) Be customer specific.  Depending on the demographics of the targeted audience, the content has to be constantly updated.

h) Selection of the appropriate type of video and ad is another important aspect to increasing the subscribers.

i) Identify, finalize and declare the budget for the campaign.

j) Compelling product demonstrations is definitely an addition to the marketers in increasing the subscribers.

By following some or all the above steps, the marketer will be able to increase the subscribers for his YouTube ads.

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