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8 Kinds of Video Content to Attract More Viewers



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There is no contention that audiovisual content attracts a lot of viewership vis a vis other types of content. However, when it comes to video content, it is worth noting that not all video content can lead to extensive viewership. There are types of videos that will register a high viewership, and there are those that will not.

Therefore, it is essential to work with video content that will allow you to reach as many folks in your target audience as possible. Video content that conveys relevant usage information of the product in question like product review videos is among the types of video content that can help you attract lots of viewers.

Other videos that can help get the job done include:

  • Presentations
  • Testimonials
  • Interview videos
  • Behind-the-Scenes videos
  • Vlogs
  • Event videos
  • Product in Action videos

1. Presentations

People need to know about your brand and your business if they are to make sales and consume your stuff. To achieve this end, you might want to create presentation videos.

Presentations are primarily videos that explain and expound more about your brand. Such videos could dwell on the journey your brand has taken to be where it is or relevant information about your brand.

To attract viewers, you need to ensure that your presentation is illuminating and eye-opening. You stand a chance of attracting a lot of folks to watch your videos when you infuse new information in the presentations that you make.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials are independent accounts or the experiences of other people who have consumed your product. They could also be from people who you have worked with, or who are close to the brand and its operations.

Client testimonials are content that can help to increase your viewership to a great extent. This is because clients are independent of any internal biases and will be in a position to give a proper account of how they feel the product is like.

More often than not, many folks watch testimonials before they make decisions on purchasing or consuming a particular service or product. In this regard, for purposes of attracting viewers, you might want to work with testimonial videos.

Here’s a great example of a testimonial video made by Codecademy. It uses a personal story of their student to explain benefits of joining Codecademy.

3. Interview Videos

The beauty of interviews is that they involve getting information from the source. People are, therefore, highly likely to take this information seriously.

You might, therefore, want to interview leaders in the industry, leaders within the company, or even other folks who have a level of authority. This way, you help to get relevant content out there.

The upside here is that you get to amplify your brand through the efforts you input in the interviewing process, and you, as well, create viewer-attracting content at the same time. You are thus effectively killing two birds with one stone, which is a win-win situation for you.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Most folks are not privy to what goes on behind-the-scenes when it comes to the creation or production process. The beauty of working with behind-the-scenes videos is that they get a lot of viewership because the customers and the target audience at large are curious to know about what happens in the background in the production process. Satisfying this curiosity can, therefore, be a very effective way of attracting viewers.

You can do this by taking videos or clips of what happens in the production process and collapse them into one video.

The video should give the viewers an idea of what happens behind-the-scenes, and should not expose your entire operations. Such videos are highly likely to attract a lot of viewers, and this could work to your advantage.

5. Product Reviews

Not all of your customers or target audience are familiar with how your product works. Some could be semi-familiar, and this means they could be missing out on the full benefits or efficacy of your product.  In this sense, therefore, you can decide to work on some product reviews.

This content is often viewer-attracting because the target audience always wants to know how to properly and effectively use your product for their maximum gain. Therefore, you must make videos that explain the usage of your product in detail.

You are the one who will benefit the most since the customer will be fully aware of the merits that will accrue to them from using your product.

Product review videos also attract a lot of viewership, and if you are after viewers, then this kind of video can help you achieve your goals sufficiently.

Working with scripts can help in the creation of top-notch product reviews. A script can ensure you come up with a review like the TopEssayWriting review, one that accurately brings to perspective the service or product in question.

6. Vlogs

Blogs and blog posts make a significant portion of the web today. This is so because there is a considerable number of people who have a liking towards the written content. When it comes to video content, and strategies of attracting viewers through video content, vlogs are a surefire way of getting things done.

Vlogs are just like blogs, but they have a different content proposition – and that is videos.

Further, these vlogs do not take long. Most of them last 5 to 10 minutes, but they convey the intended message in its entirety.

Working with vlogs can, therefore, help you to attract lots of viewers.

7. Event Videos

Companies schedule events from time to time. They could be corporate events, marketing events, or other events that are in line with the company’s operations and goals.

These events provide avenues for interaction between company staff and customers and even the target audience. There are a lot of scenes here worth recording on video.

These event videos can be of immense use when it comes to attracting viewers. Since these videos give a first-hand impression of company staff and company products, they help to form content that can attract tons of viewers.

8. Product in Action Videos

  • Product review videos help to illustrate how the usage of the product in question. There is no doubt that these videos are informative, and the target audience has a lot to gain from these videos.
  • This fact makes these videos top of the list when it comes to attracting viewers. However, you should not undermine videos that show the product when in action.
  • Such videos help to show the first-hand usage of the product – and shooting such videos in different scenes and under different conditions helps to enrich the content. Most potential clients and the target audience would like to see the product in action.
  • Therefore, when you take such videos, then you are working in the right direction, as the chances are extremely high that there will be a considerable viewership lining up to consume such type of content.
  • In summary, in this highly digital age where optics matter and are becoming part of our daily lives, you can leverage various types of visual content – especially video content to attract viewers.
  • There are different types of video content that you can create – ranging from product reviews to presentations that can help you gain the viewership that you need.
  • Informational video content also ranks highly as customers are always hungry for relevant information regarding the use of a particular product.

About the author

Daniela McVicker is an experienced content creator and digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She’s currently working at AllTopReviews, a company that specializes in best paper writing service reviews where Daniela shares her experience and helps students and young professionals make their names in the world.

Daniela McVicker is an experienced content creator and digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She’s currently working at AllTopReviews, a company that specializes in best paper writing service reviews where Daniela shares her experience and helps students and young professionals make their names in the world.

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