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5 Ways to Incorporate Periscope into Your Brand Marketing

Ways to Incorporate Periscope into Your Brand Marketing

The online live streaming applications have become the great marketing and advertising tools today. The applications like periscope succeeded within a brief period. It has grabbed more than ten million registered users on its platform. The live streaming applications are allowing the marketers to broadcast the real events and real conversations with the customers which can increase the consumer engagement with the marketers and improves the sales leads. Here are some best was to incorporate the periscope in your brand strategy.

Periscope for your New Product Launching

If you are going to launch a new product, the periscope platform is the best place to do. You can answer the various question shot by the viewers concerning the new product. Periscope for your New Product Launching can make your new product more engaging and also have the chances to gain good exposure.

Create a Personal Connection between Audience and Brand

Let you your audience know more about the brand and spend time with the viewers and let them know about the office and behind the screen videos. Add a little humour to stick the viewers with your video stream.

Connect with Influencer

Influencer marketing can be carried on periscope by targeting and researching the influencers of your audience. You can converse with them in real time.

Brand Description Videos

You can describe by unboxing your new products of your brand live. Demonstrate the product and the advantages of using your brand to the viewers. Answer their questions and allow them to get connected with the website by posting link to your site.

Carry on some Live contest or Quiz and offer them Attractive Gifts

Real time contests are most engaging concept for better brand marketing. So, create good contests by including questions related to your new products and brand story.

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