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49 Killer Tips for Making Amazing Video Ads

Amazing Video Ads

Video Ads are made part of digital marketing strategy by many brands. Video ad is the boldest way to announce the presence of the brand to the wider audience. Let us learn few tips on creating effective to represent the best side of the business.

  1. There is flexibility to tell story of the business or product in detail with online video advertisements.
  2. Though the length is flexible it is wise to keep the video length to a maximum of 120 seconds.
  3. Have you seen the videos that went viral? Most of these are funny. Try injecting humor into the video ads to receive engagement.
  4. At the same time it is not advice to force humor in the ads which is a huge mistake.
  5. Do not use the business lingo as most viewers may not understand it.
  6. Use clear language and plain language so that even common viewer can understand the video ad.
  7. A well made video advertisement is the one that convinces the viewer to take the next step to buy it.
  8. The impact of a video ad depends on the quality of it.
  9. High production values of a video do not guarantee the success of the video ad.
  10. Let us also see the most common tips for making amazing video ads. Ask yourself what message you expect the video ad to deliver.
  11. Identity the goal of the video ad.
  12. Video ads can be creating products or services.
  13. Explain about the special offers on the product through the video ad.
  14. Personalizing the video ad will help to engage the customers more
  15. Include the pictures of video clippings that show the employees of any company.
  16. Do not forget to make the people sing an agreement allowing you to use their names and their video clippings in the ad.
  17. Low cost script for the video ad can be finding on sites such as Elance.
  18. Create video ads that capture people at work in your company or organization.
  19. A brand video reflects the business and so take that to present an image that customers will remember.
  20. Check the lighting while creating videos.
  21. It is also a good idea to buy video light kit.
  22. Do not make the actors in the video ad wear clothes with bright colors. Customers should focus on the message and not on the clothing.
  23. Keep the videos short and sweet.
  24. Ideal length of the video ad is not more than thirty seconds.
  25. Do not neglect to include call to action in the video ad.
  26. Give your contact information in the video.
  27. You can also include a coupon or special offer to the viewers of the video ad.
  28. Create a landing page to direct the viewers of the video ad.
  29. The viewers can explore the site and watch the other products.
  30. Define goals and these can be building the brand or getting the people to your website, blog of the physical store.
  31. Keep the video ad simple as people do not want to reach long text.
  32. According to studies, the attention span of people online is eight seconds and it is advised to get to the point in the first few seconds of the video.
  33. Be clear and concise.
  34. Ensure that the visuals in the video ad are eye catching.
  35. Use clean simple graphics.
  36. Know the audience. Web analytical technologies help to define an audience.
  37. Place the video ad on sites that get quality audience.
  38. First three seconds of the video are very important and try delivering the messaging in this time.
  39. An effective video ad required proper planning and strategy.
  40. Remember, people love to watch short and informative videos.
  41. Do not waste your resources by showing the ad to people who are not interested.
  42. Reach the target audience through web analytics technology.
  43. Reaching the target audience help in generating leads.
  44. Focus on the types and sizes of text that are used in the video ad.
  45. Use the sources on internet that offer third party videos for advertising.
  46. Use your logo or website link at the beginning or end of the video.
  47. Experiment with different ad formats.
  48. Find the place for the ads to generate maximum sales.
  49. Include social networking sites as marketing platforms for your videos.

Online video is growing and is also proved to generate more clicks through rate. The effectiveness of the video ads is encouraging more and more brands to spend on online video advertising.

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