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4 Aspects All Successful Beauty Vloggers Have In Common

There are many things that YouTube is well known. It’s known for the parodies, the reaction videos, and of course the endless amount of videos of animals doing amusing things. However, for a certain demographic, there’s only one type of video that truly matters: the makeup tutorial made by Beauty Vloggers .

For women in that lucrative 25 – 40 age bracket, consulting a makeup tutorial for new ideas is just a fact of life these days. No longer are women let loose with makeup to see what they can come up with; now, everything can be learned and reproduced.

There are techniques to be explored, tends to be shared, ideas to recreated. You can see this in microcosm when a female group or vocalist releases a new music video within 24 hours. Some pioneering YouTuber will have released a makeup tutorial showing how to achieve the looks used in the video.

Furthermore, it’s not just the tutorial that counts for these vloggers and channels. There’s also the strange phenomenon of the ‘haul’ video, where a YouTuber goes through all of the items they have bought.

Reviews are also commonplace, with plenty of women making decisions about their next makeup purchase based on the opinions of their favourite YouTubers.

To say that this is a lucrative section of YouTube is to undersell the power of it. With a dedicated following, many producers are finding themselves abandoning traditional employment – with absolutely no background in makeup.

So if you want to try and ape their success, perhaps it makes sense to study what the successful proponents of this genre are doing – and why is it working so well for them?

1) They Target A Price Point

You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s only with high-end, luxury brands that the true money can make with these kinds of channels. That’s not necessarily the case; in fact, there’s a niche for everyone. Stars are focusing solely on high-end, all the way to those who won’t feature items over $10.

The amount you have to spend on products is going to give you your viewership target. Bear in mind that you will be buying your products initially; while you may eventually be sent samples, initially, you’ll be relying on your purchases. Make the most of the sites like to ensure you get as much for your money as possible, but don’t overspend – this is a business venture, after all, not an excuse to feather your existing collection!


Say you end up with a spend of around $20 per product you intend to feature. It would make your demographic between the ages of 25 and 35; those with disposable income (unlike the younger generation) but who may not want to spend high-end prices just yet.

Knowing the demographic is a key to longstanding success for makeup YouTube channels.

2) Have Something Innovative To Offer

Some of the most successful makeup YouTubers are not necessarily the most skilful. Instead, they have something that sets their videos apart. It can be anything, from those battling a skin condition such as rosacea or just a chatty vibe that makes viewers feel at home – everyone needs something unique to them.

The best way of achieving this for yourself is to ensure you keep this distinct. Watch a few videos of ideas, but don’t ever go too far down the road of trying to emulate a style. Half of the reason viewers go back to a particular vlogger is that they like them, not necessarily because they do the best makeup work.

3) Follow Trends Religiously

Makeup trends come and go, but do the trends ever exist if every beauty vlogger doesn’t cover them? Perhaps not – which is why every single beauty vlogger will cover a trend as soon as it gains a foothold.


You’d think this would be too much and lead to oversaturation but, if anything, it does the opposite. When something (from techniques such as strobing to the once-hot trend of applying makeup like you did in high school) becomes popular, people tend to seek it out over and over again.

So if other beauty vloggers are joining in, you should as well – at the very least, it might help boost your traffic by being featured in the ‘similar to this’ sidebar.

4) Sponsorship Is Kept Discreet

“My friends at [brand] got in touch to see what I thought of…”

“The awesome people at [brand] sent me…”

When you get to the stage of receiving sponsorships or free products, keep it discreet. Never imply you have bought something that you were actually sent (which breaks advertising guidelines), but the most popular beauty vloggers keep the sponsorship acknowledgments discreet.

Mixing a few sponsored products up with ones you have bought yourself, in the same review or tutorial, is another great subtle trick.

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