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4 Apps to Create Virtual Reality Videos


Virtual reality resembles the growth of technology in the online video marketing today. The virtual reality video content is the present buzz across the web. This popular trend was followed up with a 360-degree video content launched by the video giant Youtube platform; later the Facebook platform also started the trend of virtual reality video content on the newsfeed. Whenever a new trend appeared on the news, many individual vloggers and marketers were busy on the trails with different formats, and their main agenda is always to reach the crowd across the web. Here are some best applications to Create Virtual Reality Videos with your images and the video content.

The Full Dive for Android

It is the best camera application which allows the users take pictures with a single camera and enhance VR experience. The results can’t drive the exact 360 degrees but pretty good when we viewed through the headset.

Cardboard camera for Android

The cardboard camera can help the users to record the images and videos and the users can include the audio for better immersive experience

Video Stitch for Windows and Mac

It is very useful to produce a professional quality virtual reality video which demands the best post production and synchronizes the various footages which are not very difficult. The app can automatically stabilize enhance and calibrates the images for the Virtual reality viewing.

Google Street View for both Android and iOS

This app is compatible with both the android and iOS users with an efficient 360-degree image capture. You can upload images directly to the service and it can be enjoyed without a VR headset.

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