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Best Tools for 360 Video Creation and Marketing

360 Video Creation and Marketing

The ever-increasing needs of the marketers have best addressed by the increased technological advancement and the latest addition is 360 Video Creation that is also called VR (virtual reality).

Coming to VR, these are clips displaying a spherical scenario where the camera has recorded all possible angles of the environment.The most interesting aspect of VR is that the viewer can interact and choose the content he is viewing.Most OS like Chrome, Opera & Firefox can offer VR, and even the smartphone is competing to offer VR experience. add wonderful experience, and there is a “Cardboard Viewer” which allows 3-D interactive experience as well.

Creation of VR is easier than many of us think.The latest models of smartphones are coming with the required software for VR, and another important player in VR is the social network.There is no additional requirement for further software for VR.

1) Get a 360 cameras (there are many models at differing price ranges are available in the market),

2) Record in 360 modes,

3) Preview the video. After

4) Editing the video to include titles and buttons etc. 5) upload the video.

Now the question comes – how VR can help marketing.The marketer is interested to see that VR can contribute its share in his target of promoting his goods and products.Some of the tools for this purpose include:

1) Showcasing products:

The marketer can choose to show full/part process involved in bringing his product to the market.

2) Promoting destinations:

More use of VR is found in tourism & hospitality industries.VR are becoming popular among travel bloggers and despite their limited budgets, they are able to produce wonder VR content.

3) Adventure sharing:

Action videos is one of the genres that is able to attract the concentration of the viewers at much higher level.Some of the interesting adventures that can be shared including bungee jumping, wingsuit skydiving, driving F1 car etc.

4) Nature documentaries are other areas where viewers have control over what they want to see.

Keeping in view the potential offered by VR, many platforms like YouTube, FB are already vying for their pie in the field of VR.It becomes the immediate duty of the marketer to adopt this latest technology for promotion of his products/services.

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