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Guide to YouTube 360 Degree Video/Audio File Types


The new YouTube 360 degree videos are trending across the web and virtual reality videos are the next biggest thing in the online video streaming. With the arrival of new 360 degree video content users are more curious to know about the growth of VR video content and the supporting formats of audio and video that are compatible with the YouTube platform as main. Here are the details of audio and video formats that are supported with the YouTube platform.

We all know that the 360 degree video is produced by the six lens eye camera which covers the entire area. The videos that are recorded were synchronized with the time and sound and also allows the users to watch the video in six different angles.

Video formats that supports 360 video on YouTube platform

Most of the cases the 360 degree virtual reality video can be formatted with the MP4 and MKV formats which can be seen in YouTube 360 degree virtual reality videos. the users can also watch 4K 360 videos along with flash video formats such as webM, MPEG etc The 360 degree short standard video generally maintain the file size of around 300 MB. The higher resolution videos are normally covers the large space. The 4K video with 360 degree will need lot of time for buffering. To avoid buffering of the videos, it is better to save offline.

Audio formats that support 360 VR on YouTube platform

The audio effects that supports are spatial sound, ambisonic, 3D and binaural. The 360 degree spatial audio is came into being and the VR audio will get adjusted accordingly to the saturation level of the audio, intensity of sound, distance etc which ensure the audio sync with the video in the playback mechanism.

The uploading specification s for the YouTube platform when comes to the 360 degree Virtual reality video is MP4 container with audio codec of AAC-LC and video codec H.264. the file size must be less than one GB with ten minutes as maximum length at a frame rate of 25-60fps with 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports up to 8k resolution with a video bit rate of 16 to 68 mbps along with the audio bitrates of Mono stereo 5.1.

Therefore, these are the main specifications which are supported audio and video formats of the YouTube platform for 360 degree VR video support.

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