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360-Degree Video Ads – The Next Big Thing

360-Degree Video Ads

Technology has been playing a very vital role in the personal as well as social life of human beings. From the era where we had only silent movies, we had talkies, and then we had colour movies, later we had television offering limited entertainment.The television could entertain the people with different genres of news, entertainment, music etc. Most of the content (of television) pre-recorded and currently, 360-Degree Video Ads are entertaining through different social media sites.

Then came the live recording from the television. On some occasions, the people got the opportunity to see the live recording, and that was very minimal compared to the total content offered by the television.With the technological advancements, online video promotion channels (like YouTube, Facebook) are able to offer 360-degree video ads.

360-Degree Video Ads

This new concept (of 360-degree video ads) is a combination of two processes.One process is video ad, and another process is 360-degree a virtual reality.Despite the fact that this is relatively a new term, many notable big players are existing and many more new entrants vying for their share of this market.

This channel has been attractive for the marketers as well as they can offer the viewers the exact product as required by the viewers.also gives the marketers an opportunity to suitably modify their content (of the product they are promoting) depending on the instant requirements of the viewers.

360-degree video ads are compared as a snowball which is slowly converting into an avalanche, and it has the potential to take the video promotion platform in its grip.Keeping this huge potential in view, both Google and Facebook started huge investments in the field of 360-degree video promotion – both through software and hardware gadgets.

numerous apps are coming up regularly, to make this concept of 360-degree video more practical and also in the reach of the common man.The market leaders – YouTube and Facebook –are allowing the users to directly upload the 360-degree video clips for instant sharing among the targeted viewers.

With all the recent happenings occurring in the field of 360-degree video advertising, we can safely conclude that this is going to be the next big thing.It is also evident from the fact that the leaders are joining hands with content producers.

How to Stitch 360 Video and Get Best Output

It is the view of many people that stitching 360-degree video is the most difficult task. Though it might not be that difficult task, it is not very easy either. Stitching the 360-degree video footage needs special editing tool. The viewer must not see the stitching, and the video stream should appear seamless to them. If not done properly, the stitching can leave the footage sloppy or bury with uneven streak marks.

The introduction of VR or 360-degree videos changed the whole experience of watching the video. A crucial part of 360 videos is stitching it. Computer software is available for this. There are different apps available online that help in video stitching.

VideoStitch offers a solution for virtual reality video creation. This software is straightforward to use. Kolor is another company that offers video stitching software. SkyStitch is another software that stitches videos from different streams and creates a single feed.

All 360-degree cameras do not come with video stitch options that mean the stitching done manually. A free stitching software offered by Kodak and used by Mac or PC users. Video stitching is done based on the audio. Though the process is straightforward, there is a danger of some video shots disappearing around the stitch line. Kolor gives more quality stitching service, but it comes with a pro subscription.

The real challenge of 360-degree video content is stitching the footage. Issues such as no continuity between the shots, blurring on edges, mismatched colours can result in providing unrealistic viewing experiences. The process is time-consuming and depends on the length of the footage and the type of content. It is necessary to use an effective software for stitching 360-degree video for providing enhanced viewing experience to the audience.

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