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How to Shoot at 360 Degree Video

360 Degree Videos

The 360-degree video is a game-changing technology. It is being used for entertainment and also for many other purposes.

There are different types of 360 degrees VR which include life, real time etc.

The equipment needed to shoot 360-degree cameras includes cameras, rigs, editing software, etc.

What is 360 Degree Video?

Immersive video or 360-degree video is the technology in which the recording was done in every direction at the same time. Omnidirectional camera or some cameras used in this technology.

360 Degree Video is a form of virtual reality, and the viewer can change the viewing direction by dragging the video.

Cameras Used to Shoot 360 Degree Video

There are many cameras to shoot 360-degree video. Some of them are Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam IC Real Tech Allie and so on.

Prices of these cameras depend on the features and specifications it offers. There are two different 360-degree cameras – single lens and dual lens cameras.

• 360fly 4K camera shoots footage with 2,880 x 2,880 pixel resolution.

There is the single 240-degree fisheye lens. No content stitching is required. 64 GB built-in memory, water resistance, built-in gyroscope are the other features.

• LG 360 Cam allow recording to 360 degrees content with 2K resolution.

There are 13-megapixel sensors. Other features include expandable memory, 200-degree lenses and so on.

• Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K captures 360-degree video content with the 235-degree lens.

There is a dedicated mobile app, and stitching software also offered. Two cameras can be combined to capture full spherical content.

How to Upload 360 Degree Video?

360-degree videos are the hottest trend. These videos are being uploaded both to Facebook and YouTube.

Let us now see how to upload them to these platforms and efficiently publish the videos.

Uploading 360-Degree Videos on Facebook

360-degree videos can be published on the Facebook timeline as well as in the pages. If the content shot with the camera that automatically adds the 360 metadata to the video file, then it can be uploaded to Facebook just like any other video.

But if 360 metadata not added to the file, the users manually have to do this. Choose the video to publish on Facebook.

Before publishing the 360 video click the advanced tab.

Check the box that says ‘this video recorded in a 360-degree format. Hit the 360 controls tab and set the field of view and initial camera orientation. Click the publish button.

Uploading 360 Videos on YouTube

To upload 360-degree videos on YouTube content needs to create the camera that is identified by YouTube.

The video should feature metadata. Make the video suitable to be uploaded to YouTube.

Download the video metadata app for windows or mac. Select the video file and choose spherical checkbox. Give a name to the file and save it. Open the YouTube video upload page and drag and drop the video file.

Enter description, tags, etc. and then click on publish. The 360-degree videos take around an hour to get posted on YouTube.

360-degree videos are exciting and new. These types of videos can be used to attract viewers.

This is an excellent way for the brands and businesses to market the products. It proves that these types of videos are more likely to be watched by people for more extended periods and also showed to increase conversions.

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