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30 Mind Numbing Facts and Figures about Social Video

Social Video facts

As everyone knows that the trending one is Social video which plays the vital role in the media marketing throughout the World. But no one will have an idea of successful strategies for social video.Just have a look below to know more about it.

  1. Nearly 50 percent users are viewing at least one video online in a month.
  2. More then 85 percent colleges and other educational institutions are utilising the YouTube videos
  3. The mobile video consumption was raised by 100 percent every year on YouTube platform.
  4. 70 percent executives are utilizing the video content for work related content
  5. Average user was spending over 16 minutes on social videos
  6. More than 38 percent online consumers are trusted the video ads for purchasing the products
  7. The online video marketers are preferring the pre-roll ads
  8. Video ad spend was reached to 6$billion
  9. 93 percent mobile device users are sharing the social video
  10. 70 percent online video viewers are interacting on different social platforms with video
  11. 62 percent people are more likely to buy a product after watching social video ad
  12. Nearly 73 hours video was uploaded onto the platform every minute
  13. YouTube users are watching more than more than three billion hours of video per month
  14. Facebook has three billion video views per day
  15. Facebook video posts are 134 percent greater organic reach
  16. People had watched more than one million hours of video content
  17. Average time spent on Instagram video posts is 20 minutes
  18. Average time spent on Twitter video posts is 18 minutes
  19. Average time spent on snapchat video is 17 minutes
  20. Facebook is generating watch time which we equal to 700 years in a single day
  21. Twitter videos are acquiring great click rates for marketers
  22. People are in love with the native video content across the social platforms
  23. More than 70 percent Facebook users are uploading the native video content in their newsfeed
  24. Nearly 100 million people are watching the Vine videos
  25. Nearly 15 billion vine loops are playing daily
  26. 10 million videos are average vine videos iploaded to teh Twitter daily
  27. Eight videos are shared across the platforms every minute on Vine
  28. YouTube video ads with various types like shoppable, preroll etc. are most engaging social video ads which are highly successful and recorded as best.
  29. 72 percent of Vine users are Millennials
  30. 80 percent individual bloggers are sharing and embedding the social video content in their blog posts.


Social video can be in any form streaming media like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These are top trending platforms to use the social video.

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