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30 Facts and Figures about Live Video

Live Video Facts

Live video creates a storm in the digital world. Live video is the best way to connect with the audience socially. Once if you prefer the live video statistics that will teach how live video impotent in business. 80 percent of audience watches live videos from mobiles rather than standard computers.

  1. More than 50 percent of online video traffic is accounted by mobile devices.
  2. Nearly 62 percent of video viewers are watching three by a fourth of a video
  3. 77 percent people are watching online live videos every week
  4. 52 percent people are watching videos everyday
  5. Videos has to take it more than 58 percent consumer internet traffic which is four times of web browsing and emails
  6. The consumer internet traffic is expected to be risen to 70 percent by 2017
  7. Nearly 70 percent business executives are watching work-related videos once in a week
  8. 55 percent senior executives in business are watching live videos along with colleagues related to the working and seminars
  9. 70 percent marketing professionals are utilizing the live videos
  10. 90 percent marketers are planning to go with live video marketing
  11. Twitch accounted more than 40 percent live video streaming traffic
  12. Twitch live video streaming has more than eight million unique users every month
  13. 55 percent Twitch users are spending more than twenty hours a week on live videos
  14. 72 percent trailing Millennials are utilising the digital streaming services
  15. Viewers are showing their interest in watching long-form unique content
  16. More than 22 percent US internet users are interested to use periscope
  17. People are interested in the creation of their product videos
  18. Even influencers are utilising the live video to interact with their potential audience online
  19. Students are watching the live video seminars related to their education
  20. Live video had enhanced the marketing potential for the new start-ups
  21. More than 32 percent educational institutions are going live video seminars for their students
  22. Nearly 52 percent marketers are launching their new products online via online live video applications
  23. Facebook live video had created a great sensation as it is launching the content equal to the TV quality which can grab the ad dollars
  24. 48 percent US population are watching the live videos at least thrice in a week
  25. People are looking forward to the new live video search engines to find the best live streams on the web
  26. Companies are also picturizing the behind the scenes look via live
  27. 42 percent companies are providing online video training to their executives
  28. Live video increases the curiosity of the people and drives better engagement to the brands
  29. With new applications, the live video is expected to get increased in utilisation and streams across the web
  30. More than 72 percent education institutions and companies are expected to be plan and implement their meetings by live video conferences, meeting and seminars by 2018.


Live videos are growing faster than the ads, that focus mainly on audience behavior. in this article we have described top 30 facts and figures about live video.

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