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30 different Ways to Promote Your YouTube Training Courses Channel

YouTube Training Courses Channel

YouTube has been able to retain it supremacy in the line of online video promotion.The platform is the No.2 search engine (immediately after Google) and is offering business opportunities in many fields – whether education, business, corporate events, training etc. Go through the below lines to know all about YouTube Training Courses Channel.

As the field of training courses has been wide with a large number of players (and equally large number of fields) operating in this field, the training courses channel has a lot more potential for promotion of business in this line as well.

Given below are some of the ways to promote the training courses channel:

1) Quality vs. quantity:

Quality of the channel outweighs the quantity of the videos that the marketer posts on his channel.

2) Good script:

Before shooting the video to be uploaded on the channel, good script containing the full information about the plot, the characters, the dialogues etc., to be perfectly ready.

3) Good background:

Depending on the content of the training that is proposed to be promoted on the channel, the apt background should be selected and that too with best of natural lighting.

4) Good instruments:

To record the best record, best instruments are a must.  The marketer has to invest suitably on instruments for bringing out the best quality video for promotion on his channel.

5) Optimization of thumbnails:

A sneak’s preview will attract the user to come to marketer’s video and thereby the video as well as channel gets boosted.

6) SEO:

As always, online business talks of ‘search engine optimization’.  The marketer of training video needs to ensure that proper ad words are incorporated in his description of the video.

7) Titling is vital:

Subject to the terms of YouTube, the marketer has to create a suitable title for his video.  The title has to be indicative of the content of the video.

8) ‘Call To Action’:

The marketer has to necessarily press the viewer to go for ‘call to action’.  This facility directs the user to like/dislike, subscribe, share the video (from the channel) to his social media circle.

9) Cross promotion of the channel:

As there are multiple options for the marketers to promote his channel, he has to ensure that there is the cross promotion of his channel among various other social media channels (in addition to YouTube).

10) ‘InVideo programming’ is another tool that the marketer can use to promote his channel.

11) Accurate and updated content is the pre-requisite to ensure that the training course channel is having maximum visitors.

12) The optimum length of the video will force the viewer to stick to the video till completion.

13) Insertion of credentials about the past performance or views/remarks by the earlier users will induce more interest in the minds of the viewers about your video channel.

14) Optimum usage of required coloring of the video has to be maintained.

15) Videos specific to the targeted audience based on sex, demographics etc. will attract increased number of viewers to the channel bringing instant success.

16) “Video” – the word in the title itself will attract more viewers.

17) Email marketing has the power to promote your training courses channel. Gathering the email addresses is a very easy process nowadays and optimum usage of the same is required to promote your training courses channel.

18) ‘PTC’ (Paid to Click) is another paid method that will increase the traffic to the channel.

19) Blogging is another way to improve the popularity.

20) ‘FAQ’ (frequently asked questions) with suitable answers is to be maintained and updated on regular basis.

21) Contests (to be widely publicized) on relevant platforms.

22) Participation in the trade shows/exhibitions with the suitable promotional material.

23) Collaborate with other marketers offering similar products.

24) ‘Guest lecturing’ is required to ensure increased traffic to your training courses channel.

25) As a part of the promotion of your channel, you may also start ‘video commenting’ about videos of other creators.

26) Promotion of channel through sticker marketing.

27) Put URL of your training courses channel on your vehicle and the vehicle itself will be doing the necessary promotion work.

28) ‘Signature’ containing details of your training course channel and its URL in mail communications that you send to your existing customers.

29) Promote the channel through renting a booth.  Nowadays many companies are offering ‘marketing tents’ that can be used to promote your training course channel.

30) Scheduling regarding the release of your next series of videos is also required to keep your audience ready for your next releases.

The above are only partial techniques that the marketer can employ to promote his training video channel on YouTube.

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