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30 Different Ways to Promote Your Music YouTube Channel

Promote Music YouTube Channel

Once in a time when it comes to promoting your music channels there should be many networks, apps, communication channels and musicians involved. Nowadays social media channels are rented, you can use it for your music channels premonition.

To communicate people we have Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogs, YouTube Channels, Live Streaming websites, etc. Social media has given fantastic ways to promote their music channels.

  1. Create short video teasers of your music channel
  2. Also create channel trailers
  3. Promote your trailers and teasers with paid YouTube advertising to reach the audience
  4. Use the song title as your video title
  5. Add tags to your video
  6. Follow other music channels
  7. Participate in comments
  8. Interact with the influencers
  9. Collaborate if necessary
  10. Promote Your video with short teasers on Twitter platform with hashtags
  11. Promote the teasers on Facebook platform and start discussions
  12. Connect with the audience and get engaged
  13. Go live with your teasers and trailers and interact with the audience live
  14. Start a blog representing Your video channel
  15. Embed your videos on your blog
  16. Add description to your videos
  17. Include best and catchy keywords in description of video
  18. Go with Ad words
  19. Start email promotions to increase the reach
  20. Create backlinks to your other social media profiles
  21. Optimize your video to search engines
  22. Create live contests to attract the people
  23. Discuss in similar forums to build strong connection
  24. Interact with other video creators and take suggestions from them
  25. Meet the groups of creators in different forums and try to interact with them
  26. Go with YouTube Fan finder programs to promote efficiently
  27. Add compelling thumbnails and make it relevant
  28. Encourage video sharing among friends, relatives, mutual friends and public
  29. Create playlists and differentiate according to category
  30. Cross promote your YouTube channel


You can market your business to business persons and the whole world through social media. The above are the top 30 ways to promote your YouTube music channels.

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