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20 Ways to get Subscribers on YouTube

20 Ways To Get Subscribers On YouTube

When you have started YouTube channel there is one thing you should remember that is you have some strategies on how to get subscribers on YouTube. When you have tips, then it could be easy to overcome the competitor.

YouTube deals with one and only one thing. To get Subscribers on YouTube is only by Views! The number of views you get on your channel or video determines your reach in the online space. However, over a period, regular modes of doing videos do not work all that well. You need to get smarter to get more views. Also, viewers who constantly view your videos turn into subscribers for your YouTube channel. That determines your following on YouTube. Once, you have subscribers thronging your channel, and you are a YouTube Celebrity. But are there said tactics or tips to get subscribers to your channel? Here are a few.

  1. Channel Background – Having an impressive creative as your YouTube Channel Image can rake in subscribers as they would certainly view your videos.
  2. Urge people to subscribe to your channel, but don’t beg.
  3. Post your videos on Facebook
  4. Consistently publish videos
  5. Let people know when you publish your videos
  6. Have a “click here to subscribe” annotation on the corner of all of your videos
  7. Have a YouTube subscribe button on your blog
  8. Upload more videos
  9. Include a channel trailer
  10. Share your videos on Google+
  11. Post videos on a frequent basis
  12. Properly tag your videos.
  13. Use appropriate keywords in the title of your video.
  14. Create quality videos.
  15. Write good titles for your videos
  16. Write descriptions correctly
  17. Interact with the subscribers that you already have
  18. Subscribe to other people’s YouTube channels
  19. Comment on other people’s videos
  20. Tweet your videos


We hope these nuggets will help you get the required subscribers that will help push your channel into the assorted lot of premium quality channels.

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