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20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube

Many people want to know the secret behind the Viral videos on YouTube. There is no special secret behind the viral videos, and only we should take care of things while creating videos. If you follow some tips and tricks to make a perfect video that can grab the people’s attention that video automatically goes viral on all social media websites. Another thing is promoting your videos on popular social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler and other social networking sites.Here are the 20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube.

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube

  1. Create short and high quality video content
  2. The shorter video content can gain good view count.
  3. Research on keywords on various search engines
  4. Include the keywords in your video title and description of your video
  5. Don’t go with lengthy descriptions. Make it short and informative
  6. Add your blog and website links in description of your channel or video
  7. Promote your video with paid premium YouTube services to gain excellent exposure
  8. Link your video with other social media accounts
  9. Promote your video on different platforms and make some conversation with the audience about your video content
  10. Build up a right YouTube community and get connected with the audience
  11. Include emotional and humor in your videos
  12. Create relevant and effective thumbnails to your videos
  13. Make consistent uploads to approach the people
  14. Follow other top influencers on the platform
  15. Research on other videos which have already gone viral, Note down the important things and plan them to implement in your strategy
  16. Make them shareable and likable
  17. Add proper transcription to the video content and make it easy for global audience to understand your content
  18. Add proper annotations and also create some contests to increase the buzz
  19. Include different trends and share with your community and also email it to your friends to follow, subscribe and share
  20. Include good call to actions and subscription buttons in your video and converse with the people.


This is an ultimate guide to trick and tips for creating viral videos. Sometimes it may go viral, or sometimes it fails, but while creating the video, you should follow some tips like make it as shorter and sweeter, most shareable videos, most likeable videos and make real your storytelling.

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