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20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook

Go Viral on Facebook

Facebook is the King of social media websites where your video go viral.Some of Video marketers still agree that YouTube is the best place to for video ads. But uploading the video on Facebook gives better result than uploading video on YouTube.

To make your video Go Viral is always depends on holy grace of video marketers and content makers. Some times it Go Viral automatically once you uploaded on Facebook or any of the social media sites. If you follow the some small tips to create a video that really goes viral all the time.

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook

  1. Create good quality content
  2. Create interesting and something different to get the audience attention towards your content
  3. Create a Facebook page to build close relation with the audience
  4. Understand the factors that are responsible for virality of the video content on the platform
  5. Utilize the paid or premium video promotion services like autoplay videos on Facebook
  6. Build good fan base to your Facebook page to increase exposure to your content
  7. Follow other Facebook pages
  8. Research on different keywords
  9. Include the best keywords in the video title
  10. The title of the video must raise the curiosity among the audience to watch your video
  11. Make consistent upload of your content and promote them across the platform
  12. Tag your friends, mutual friends in your video content and share it publicly
  13. Create shareable content on the platform
  14. Add your website and blog links and post along with your video content
  15. Ask audience to like, share and follow your content on the platform
  16. Majority of viral video content on Facebook are very short in length and the emotional videos with up to 5 minutes in length had turned viral
  17. Respond to the people’s comments in a positive way
  18. Follow the social media influencer accounts and note down the key points in viral video content to implement them in your videos
  19. Create interesting contests at the end of your video to create good buzz
  20. Follow and participate in different conversations on your niche.


All the small business owners and entrepreneurs just follow some tips to advertise your videos. so here we have given 20 tips for Facebook video to Go Viral. Just follow them and make use of it.

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