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20 Online Video Statistics in United Kingdom

online Video United Kingdom

Marketers are focusing on the latest video trends in marketing. The marketing focus is varied from region to region. Here are some interesting video marketing statistics in the United Kingdom. The top 20 Online Video Statistics in United Kingdom.

1. Advertising budge ts were majorly shifted to the digital platforms with new strategies.

2. The total advertising expenditure in UK ad spend is 18bn

3. The highest spender on digital advertising in the UK is British Sky Broadcasting.

4. The revenue of TV advertising is 3.5bn in the UK

5. Digital video ad spend in the UK was reached to 10 Billion

6. Social media video ad spend was increased to 2 Billion comparing to previous year reports.

7.  Only 30 percent companies are missing complete digital marketing integration.

8. 30 percent marketers are using the organic advertising on social media.

9. 89 percent UK respondents revealed that they are utilizing content marketing and it is the key to their present success.

10. Four out of five organizations are using the video marketing in the UK.

11. 39 percent increase in ad spend was noticed in UK digital markets.

12. More than 82 percent UK companies have reached their expected ROI with Video marketing.

13. More than 50 percent marketers are likely to use YouTube platform for their video marketing.

14. More than 32 percent marketing startups are going with organic marketing on Facebook platform.

15. Around 38 percent marketers and advertisers are choosing Snapchat video platform.

16. 50 percent marketers are saying that Facebook is the best choice for their video marketing.

17. More than 60 percent B2B organizations are increased their ad budgets for video marketing.

18. Brands are planning for live 360-degree video marketing.

19. 90 percent brands in the UK are targeting the User generated content for their marketing.

20. Programmatic video adverting and marketing was still on raise in the UK.

All these above are the statistical data of Video marketing in the United Kingdom.

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